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    I just purchased some Lighter brown Cord pants form target last night, I'm Wondering how the cord pants will go with that Sport Coat. I suppose it could work. I just don't want to look like the guy who "Shot the couch". lol.



      @Tat try it out... I think it might be too much texture in one outfit. Usually if one thing is rough you want the others to be smooth.



        @JC. What do your typical outfits look like when you incorporate a Classic Tweed Sports Coat?



          Well, I don't have one yet

          Glen is sending me one, though. I've noticed with my heavy wool sweaters with a lot of texture that they look off with cords (at least to me). I'm not a fan of cords in general though and I just put the last pairs I had in my donation pile last night, so...



            Ah ok, so this tweed sports coat is a trial run for us both. I'll stay conservative with the styling for the time being.

            I found this image of a RL tweed coat. I like this look a lot.

            Picture #7




              Just as a suggestion on the tweeds - keep in mind that tweed was originally workwear/outdoor wear. I wouldn't hesitate to wear it with "modern" workwear pieces like flannel shirts, jeans, and boots. You can dress it up as well, obviously, but I think it's more fun to dress it down, or more accurately, to take it back to its casual roots.




                I started looking for vintage clothing (for some reason the word "thrifting" never has sat well with me) not all that long ago, and at first I didn't have any luck.

                Within the last two days though, I've gotten some great finds:

                1) Brooks Brothers blue/white banker's stripe shirt (not an OCBD unfortunately) - $7

                2) Brooks Brothers brown/tan plaid tweed sport coat - $38 (consignment shop)

                3) Yves Saint Laurent wine/multi plaid tie (I know its probably a lower quality line, but its nice and thick and ties a great knot) - $3

                And the coup de grace:

                4) Burberry dark gray, zip-out lined trench $29

                I couldn't believe it when I saw it and I immediately thought to myself, "Please fit! Please fit!" It is actually a bit big on me, but nothing a trip to the tailor can't fix. Even if it needed $100 in alterations, its worth it. I'm at work right now, but I'll try and snag some picks when I return home for the evening.



                  @Dan - You lucky dog. Post pics of that Burberry, won't you?

                  "Please fit Please fit!" is my constant chant whenever I'm in the thrift store. The workers must think I'm absolutely nuts.



                    Great finds Dan! Post pics when you get them.


                      Here's the link relating to my above post about my latest findings.


                      Comments would be welcome if anyone has them.



                        That interior is really fly.


                          ^ great tie!

                          My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs


                            Here's something to make you feel even better about your Burberrys find:


                            I'm gonna guess that it's at least pre-1999 because Burberry dropped the "s" around that time.

                            This is why I always check the Jackets section in a thrift store. There's a ton of trench coats in every thrift store I go to and nobody buys them because it barely rains over here. Track jackets and basketball shoes are snatched up in a day. Sad story, but more for me!

                            Great fall tie, too.


                              @Dan, Nice stuff. Which Brooks Brothers line is it?


                                @ Dan.Lish - Can I ask you what size your thrifted Burberry trench coat is, and how it relates to your normal jacket size? I've heard that the older Burberry trenches fit very large and that folks generally have to size down one or two sizes. I'm eyeballing an older Burberry trench on eBay that's in my normal jacket size but I'd rather not waste my money if it's going to fit huge.

                                In other thrifting news, I had a semi-frustrating day of near perfect stuff. A Harris tweed jacket that fit in the shoulders but was huge everywhere else. I guess I could've paid for tailoring but the jacket was in only so-so condition and it didn't seem worth it. Then I found a Ralph Lauren navy blazer that was perfect, except that it was about 4 inches too short in the body, and a no-brand custom navy blazer that was also perfect, except that it was about 4 inches too LONG in the body. Bizarre. I think the Ralph Lauren might have been a boy's jacket, to be honest.