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    Sting: Oh, you're that guy. Did you reply to somebody's post directly with a quote or something like that? SF wouldn't let me quote a post for the longest time, but I had no problems from the word go just simply posting in the thread.

    And if you want to get rid of those boots ...


      @Pitt...I have found the ebay round up queue on Put This On to be helpful (Thanks to Jason for putting me onto this site). (click on the excellent suits, good suits and well made footwear and it will bring you to a massive list of brand name suits and shoes in the ebay search engine). I just copied those into a Word Document for easier viewing. It was also good to look through the ebay pages to see what labels look like and to see close ups of the quality suits.

      Also, if you go to Style Forum and search quality ties, suits etc. It should provide some results although it may take a little working through some of the posts. You may want to browse the Style Forum "Official Thrift/Discount Bragging Thread." Although, do this at your own risk...I have lost hours to that thread and had not even realized what was happening.


        @Brian, awesome I appreciate it man, that's exactly what I was looking for! And good idea w/ the word doc, I might be able to just keep that on my phone and pull it up when I need to


          Found today:

          Walter Morton (Hickey Freeman) 3 piece suit, about a 39-40

          Hickey Freeman w/ Loro Piana Super 120's suit, 46XL

          Brooks Brothers XL light blue merino wool / cashmere cableknit sweater

          Hickey Freeman shirt, 16.5x35 white

          Hickey Freeman shirt, 17x35 staple blue

          HS Trask Buffalo Leather loafers, 10M

          Hickey Freeman tie colorful paisley, Brooks Brothers XL tie silver

          Comme des Garcons navy blazer, around a 36-37 (LET ME KNOW QUICK IF YOU WANT THIS)

          Highlands wool made in scotland tartan scarf

          Also, I left behind a great blackwatch plaid Woolrich peacoat / field coat size 44... It was $22 and I didn't want to buy it since it didn't fit. If someone wants it let me know and I'll go back and get it...Actually I'm regretting not picking it up even as I type this.

          Unfortunately picasa isn't letting me upload pics right now, but let me know if you want to see them


            This is what I put together when I was starting out. This is the PutThisOn list mixed with some SF stuff.

            But everything is to be taken with a grain of salt. SF people hate J Press, for the most part, and Brooks Brothers, but AAAC people gobble that stuff up. When flipping, know your audience. (For instance, I just picked up a pair of Mezlan, handmade in Spain black shoes in a 9M that are not gorgeous but are very nice, and nobody on SF really cared. Get a Zegna SC in any size, though, and it will go fast. I just sold an old cashmere blend in a big size for $40 shipped, which is not a lot by any means, but it hits my $30 profit margin I aim to keep as a minimum ((just barely though))).

            And it's not a complete list by any means.



              Jon- the Brooks Brothers thing is interesting. I wonder if it has to do w/ fit? Most of the BB shirts I find look like tents, unless you come across one of their slim-fit shirts.


                @Jon, thanks man, that's really helpful....I think I need to try some different places though, when I've gone, I barely ever see any shoes that aren't extremely worn down or many suits at all haha


                  Sting: BB blazers and suits, and mainline (possibly) or Golden Fleece. I wasn't referring to shirts. If you're looking for stuff to flip, concentrate on coats, suits, sport coats and blazers, and shoes.

                  I've picked up a bunch of shirts that I thought were good, but they never turned out to be anything really that spectacular. Shirt thrifting is a fickle, fickle mistress (almost as bad as tie thrifting).


                    Hickey Freeman, Canali, Brioni, Kiton, Borelli, Luciano Barbera, etc. are good shirts to flip. Brooks Brothers, Charles Tyrwhitt, etc. are shirts good for keeping and maybe flipping for a couple bucks if you're lucky.



                      When you said 36-37, I thought you meant sleeve length; I would have taken it up in a sec...


                        I'm in on that blazer JC if no one has said anything! Dibs!! Pending measurements, of course.


                          I had a semi-productive outing yesterday.

                          I found a tan Gap Merino V-neck in great shape for $4, and it's nice and slim-fitting.

                          I also found a Brooks Brothers Brooksgate (I googled it and I guess it was a slimmer-fitting, entry-level line from the 80s) three piece glen plaid suit in fantastic condition. The tag says it's a 38R, but it fit me perfectly in the shoulders (I'm usually a 36S). I toyed with the idea of getting the jacket shortened and taking it in, and taking in the pants, but I think the button stance would be off. I'm bummed because I really, really wanted to make it work. I think it would fit my brother in law, who is too cheap to buy a suit on his own, so I'll give it to him if he wants it, but otherwise I'll put it on Ebay.

                          I also got a Gant navy blazer that I didn't realize was actually a boys jacket until I got it home (it's a 20R). It's a little tight, but looks good on me. The quality isn't very good, but I'm planning on keeping it at work as an emergency blazer for those times when I get called into an important meeting but don't have a jacket with me.

                          I'm in desperate need of a new pair of black dress shoes, and I found a pair of Johnston and Murphy cap toe oxfords that looked basically brand new on top, but the sole was worn through so I passed them up.



                            It's a 3 button

                            Shoulders: 16"

                            Pit to pit: 20"

                            Waist at 2nd button: 17.5"

                            back from the bottom of the collar: 28.5"

                            Sleeves: 22.5"


                              I found something today that could be a majorly brag worthy or could be garbage (well, not garbage ...):

                              Canali Milano trench overcoat herringbone, tagged 50 L.

                              It's pretty sweet, but there's a tear in the back.

                              I also finally found an Aquascutum trench in my size, but it has a tear at the cuff and no belt, and a Bagutta slim fit shirt.

                              And if anybody's a 44 R and needs a silk spring SC, here you go (but it might be a little old-man for this crowd):


                                @ Fedodo: Have something suit wise in a 40 S that's too awesome to pass up?