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    If anyone's curious about the trousers I grabbed (and their issues, unfortunately) I posted about them here:


      @Alan: 84.m1555.l2649#ht_749wt_1398

      let me know if you want it


        Dear JonATL,

        On the first pair of trousers, it appears a previous owner had the pants let out, hence the peculiar seaming. You ought to be able to bring the two lines together to see the original seam.


          Thanks, JC, but the one grey suit I have is already striped. I need to really try to diversify. I appreciate it, though.


            Today I finally filled a wardrobe niche that's been vacant for a long time - the basic navy blazer. I found one from Banana Republic with silver instead of gold buttons. I'll need to have the sleeves shortened, though. It's a 38R but it fits really well otherwise.

            I also found a pair of slim-fit J.Crew chinos. They are awfully tapered but they fit well.



              Okay, I've got a 41R too that's charcoal.. It's solid but textured:

              Shoulders: 19"

              Pit 2 pit: 21.5"

              Waist at first button: 20"

              Length from bottom of the collar: 30.5"

              Sleeve: 25"

              Pants waist: 34"

              Inseam: 29" with 1.5" cuff & could be let out up to 4"

              I haven't gotten it up on eBay yet


                I had a milestone day today. I actually found and bought some flip-able stuff. I'll post pictures soon enough, but just trust that everything is in good to excellent condition. I found:

                black AE Lauderdales in size 9.5 D (look virtually identical to the New Orleans)

                3 ties: (1 Yves Saint Laurent and 2 Robert Talbotts)


                  I would suggest against trying to buy ties to flip unless:

                  - It's a Brioni, Isaia, Kiton, Hermes, Hickey Freeman, Zegna, Canali, Italo Ferretti (make for Brioni), some Brooks Brothers, etc.

                  - It's an interesting or very staple color (like the Orvis tweed I picked up or a solid Navy)

                  Talbott, Liberty of London, etc are great for personal use but don't sell easily

                  YSL was licensed to a third party for much of the 80's and 90's and was kinda crappy... More recently YSL has been good again


                    ... then it's a good thing I only paid $2 each for them. The shoes were $12.


                      I actually have an Isaia tie that was gifted to me by my brother's wife. She used to work at the corporate office for Neiman Marcus and participated in "sample sales" where the company would sell off all their product samples that they couldn't sell through retail channels to the employees.

                      She gave it to me instead of my brother because it's a solid, nearly lime green and she said she didn't think my brother could pull it off. ;-) I think I've only ever worn it twice, though. It really is difficult to pull off.


                        @Alan I didn't mean to disparage... Ties are best bought for yourself unless it's one of the special ones above. Otherwise it's not worth selling it for $5-6 when you bought it for $2

                        Let me know if you're interested in the HF 41R. I'm going to put it up on eBay probably tomorrow


                          I cant seem to figure out a good starting bid or buyout price for that Brioni blazer I purchased... I guess not having sold anything on eBay before doesn't help much in the details department of listing things.

                          Any advice from fellow eBay flippers on clothing would be much appreciated as to how to go about this properly the first time.

                          Do you guys usually put clothing items on for 20+days? Or do you have a buyout price with a low starting bid? reserve? not sure how it all works on the selling side of eBay. I've only been a consumer


                            On the tie front, people go ga-ga for brooks makers bowties. I sold one for $30 shipped (his price) to Florida.

                            @ako Thanks for the tip. I just had never seen that before and was at a loss. They will definitely be going on Ebay or will be used as trading fodder (that's more fun anyway).

                            @Allen: nice shoes, and I was curious, but the woven thing just isn't for me.

                            Let's start a swap thread (or is this where we would do that?) What do people need?

                            I've been searching for gray trousers.


                              If you're not sure how much it will / should sell for, just put it up for the minimum you'd be okay selling it for with no BIN.

                              I should have done that earlier... I put up a Purdey hunting coat that got snapped up at the BIN price... I saw one not as good today that was just up for BIN of 2x what I sold mine for. Oh, well.


                                What size @jonATL? I've got some, but probably too big for you.

                                BTW, if you find any more Brooks Brothers bow ties let me know