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    Not a problem. It gives me an excuse to walk into a store and put somebody else's money down for something - the thrill of the purchase without the pain of the credit card bill. :-)


      I'm shocked y'all find so many nice ties. All of the ones I've found get disqualified because they're either too big, too ugly, too cheap, or they have stains. The main thing I look for is a knit or something with texture, but I'm not sure if I've even seen one since I've started thrifting.


        So I decided to stop by a few thrift shops today on my day off. It had been about a month or so since I'd had made the rounds.

        Today was a small haul, but hopefully a big money maker on eBay. This is where you dappered readers and eBay specialists can help in!

        First off I found a Brioni Sportscoat, in immaculate condition. No moth holes, or staining of any sort. Its a beautiful piece, but nothing close to my size. So I purchased it (duh) to flip.

        Second I found a Burberrys double breasted suit jacket. It has gold buttons which you will see in the pictures. The only thing, is I couldnt find the matching pants. So my question is, can I wear it without the matching pants? I was inspired by the look when I read Sabir's post about his thrifted double breasted suit a few weeks back.

        Another note about the burberrys jacket, is that it has a missing button on the left sleeve. I was wondering how weird it would look to match the other side with only two buttons, or try and find a matching button online.

        -thoughts a comments are greatly appreciated-

        Third purchase of the day, was a wool no-name brand tie.

        Todays purchase pictures are #s 9-16.


          @Tat what size is the Brioni? Looks cool. I think it's an older tag.

          The Burberry isn't a suit coat, it's a blazer. The buttons are a giveaway. What do the buttons look like? I was missing a button on a Gieves & Hawkes navy blazer and my tailor just happened to have a matching button.

          If you guys are trying to identify the age of tags, here's a document being put together by people on SF:


            @JC what do you think I could get for the Brioni? Jacket has no size tag. And I need to do some measuring on it.

            Have a good guide to help measure jacket properly to get as accurate reading as possible?

            If the burberrys is a blazer, then I'm stumped as to what to pair it with. Brown tweed trousers, charcoal trousers? grey i suppose.


              @Tat I would guess $50-100, but it could be more.

              Here's how to measure:


                Ill take measurements later tonight or 2mor and put them up on here if anyone may be interested. I'd guess the jacket is a 36r-39r size. certainly doesn't fit me lol. I'm hoping by me giving the measurements, people can help me determine what the jacket size is near.


                  I'll give a nice quick post of my find

                  Vintage Buffalo Plaid Shirt




                  Found: Vintage Clothing Store (Cherry Bomb)

                  Details:It fits great and is light weight. The tag reads South Channel. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, Medium. Button down collar.

                  Complaints: Very small complaint, tail cuts off short yet instructions are sewn outside bottom front so you have to tuck this shirt in.

                  Grand total:$9.00


                    The usual way to tell is pit to pit times 2 minus 4 gives you the approximate size.


                      Glen: Here are the measurements for the HF Boardroom. It's a pretty TTS 38 S, I think. I was worried about the double pleats, but they're not too aggressive, so I might keep the suit, unless you really need it. At first I thought the suit was black, but as you can see, in comparison to a black tie, the suit is obviously gray.

                      Slap dash measurements, so they may not be exact:

                      P to P 20 1/2

                      1st button 19 1/2

                      Sleeve 23 1/2

                      Length 28 1/2

                      Shoulder 18 1/2

                      Why didn't I crop this one?

                      What vintage is this HF tag?


                        @JonATL - thanks for doing that for me. It's a little wider in the shoulders, chest, and waist by 1" compared to my best jacket. Sleeves and length are spot on.

                        That being said, I don't wear suits at my job (I'm WAY overdressed with my usual sportcoat with denim/chinos) so if you're leaning towards keeping it, I say keep it. But if you decide to let it go later, please let me know


                          Just one suit today:

                          Canali Proposta 42

                          Side note: If anyone is looking for a suit in a 40 or 42, let me know. I've kind of been hoarding suits lately. (3 Armani's, the Canali and a HF boardroom)


                            @Fedodo: Do any of those size 40 suits happen to be either solid charcoal or navy chalk stripe? I'm looking for either of those patterns in a 2-button double vent (but I'll settle for a single vent).


                              Canali and oxxford khkakis! More later.


                                Alan, neither really meet your requirements. The HF is houndstooth, 2 button and single vent. The Armani's are both pinstripe, 2 button but ventless. Pics of all of them are in this thread at some point