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    How is the return policy there? At the Goodwill's I've been going to you get store credit when you return... Since I expect to go back to one or another of the Goodwill's I'll take chances on stuff, especially if it's pretty cheap.

    What are you looking for Glen? What shirt size?

    I'm looking for quality shirts (Brooks Brothers, Zegna, Prada, Hugo, etc) in a 15.5-16 33/34, quality sportcoats, especially tweed in 40-42R, and quality shoes (Allen Edmonds, Alden, some Florsheim, etc) in a 10E-10.5D.



      Unfortunately, my Goodwill doesn't accept returns or exchanges at all. I don't think my Salvation Army does either. Savers (my 3rd choice) has a 7 day exchange only policy, but they are by far the most expensive.

      I'm on the look out for quality anything, but have been looking for wingtip shoes especially. 9.5D-10D, same brands you're looking for. 10D is too big but I throw inserts in those and they fit like a glove most of the time.

      In short, looking for the same things you are - quality.

      My Vitals:

      5'7" 162lbs.

      Shirt size: (S) 14.5-15 32/33

      Jacket size: 38R-40S

      Shoe Size: 9.5D-10D



        Okay cool. I'll keep an eye out for things that are too small for me and get them if they look good. I'm going to go Saturday so I'll let you know.



          Sounds great. I'll do the same. Let's make this work!



            Stopped by Goodwill to do a trial run.

            Brown Shoes - Cole Haan Loafers (Made in USA), Allen Edmonds Enfield Loafers (Made in USA), BrassBoot Captoe Brogue Oxford (Made in Italy). All size 10.5D. Sadly, the other 2 AEs I saw are gone. They were size 11.



            Brown Cole Haan Desert Boot Chukkas in 12D



            Bill Blass for Macy's Tweed Sportcoat 40R





            Haggar Tweed Sportcoat 40R



            Hickey Freeman Ltd 42R (feels nice)



            I need to know if these items are of any interest to anybody. What I may think of as "nice" may not be acceptable to any others. If I need to raise my standards, let me know. Also, apologies for the crappy photography. The lighting was dim and I was using a camera phone.

            Oh, ask me questions about the items. This post is long enough.



              the hickey is fresh, but im a 38R

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                Yeah, I love the Hickey Freeman... How much was it?

                I just got some Florsheims like the loafers and I don't really wear loafers that much. I like the chukka's but they're not my size.

                The other pictures are coming up blank for some reason.



                  Yeah, I don't get why the pictures are coming up blank. I'm using Picasa.

                  Try this?

                  The Hickey is 42R but I can almost guarantee you will need to have it tailored. I don't have a picture of me trying it on because I honestly just made it look terrible. Sport coats cost around $10.25 IIRC.



                    Is the Hickey just boxy? I'm used to that and I always assume things will have to be tailored. If that's all it is, then if it's there pick it up.



                      It's just boxy. It hangs over my shoulders but I'm obviously not a 42R. I'll see if I can swing by before work.

                      In terms of the tweed, might be a little small for a 42R, if that's your size. Any brands you're looking for in particular?



                        Well, Harris tweed is always good... Looking for some with some color. I've got a grey herringbone sportcoat.



                          Speaking of Harris Tweed, I remember seeing these last year.




                            I dropped by Goodwill and Salvation Army before I headed to work and picked up some cool stuff, including the Hickey blazer. Will post pics later when I get home.

                            @JC - sorry, no Harris Tweed today. Will keep looking. Picked up some other wool sportcoats and a non-Harris tweed jacket.

                            Forgot to mention I found this pretty sweet Wool/Silk sportcoat from Lanvin, made in Italy. It was torn to shreds. Sad to see such a good piece die.



                              I stopped in Savers today and they actually had a really great selection. I was able to grab a merino wool sweater from Banana Republic, a cotton cashmere from J. Crew and a custom fit Ralph Lauren custom fit polo all for $15. There were actually a lot of Brooks Brothers shirts and a few J. Press ones too. I was hoping I could fill out some of the larges, but they were still too big. That's a shame. I'll have to go back again soon and hope there's some more in my size.

                              I was surprised to see an Ermenegildo Zegna dress shirt. Suffice to say they retail a bit out of my price range.



                                DAYUM. I thought my Savers had a decent selection...

                                Also, they have a membership rewards program. It's called "super savers", I think. They come out with coupons every month. Also, in January, they sell a calendar with coupons in it.