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    Here's a pic of MY parka... The one I found is bigger (an XL) and lighter (medium-dark grey) but otherwise the same. I think there may be one black mark on the red lining but other than that I think it was in great condition.

    Here's the tartan tie, but it's already spoken for:


      Hey Jason whats the 41R HF like? Are you flipping it?


        I've finally figured the whole selling-on-eBay thing, so today I finally went looking specifically for stuff to sell. I didn't want to over-commit so I only picked up a few of the items that looked sale-worthy.

        If anyone wants stuff, here's what's up for grabs:

        Yves St. Laurent double-breasted grey blazer, made in France, size approx. 38-40R

        Woolrich barn coat, made in USA, olive green cotton canvas blend exterior and red plaid wool blend lining, size L

        Hickey-Freeman white button-down dress shirt, made in Canada, size 16 x 33

        Ralph Lauren blue striped button-down with button-down collar, made in Mauritania, size L

        Florsheim brown penny loafers, made in India, size 8D (they fit my feet but not really my style)

        Stuff I found for myself (not for sale):

        Pink and grey striped cotton/silk tie

        Grey glen plaid waistcoat

        I will post pics, measurements, and prices if anyone is interested.



          @Hardrain, I'll take some pics tonight. Probably selling it.

          I had the biggest, best day of thrifting I've ever had today. Lots of stuff. Pics tonight.


            I've never had a big day of thrifting. I'm more than a little jealous.


              I've never even had a medium day thrifting! In all honesty, most of the regular days for Jason would be huge days in my eyes. Can't wait to see the pictures later tonight.


                First store I was kinda disappointed. It's usually really good, but all I got was a very nice Eddie Bauer trench coat (in my size) with a plaid liner, and this really excellent Woolrich sweater, size XL. It's red and has leather patches and says "Ducks Unlimited" on one of the sleeves.

                The next place used to be a total hole... I found some stuff there, but I was always kinda worried I'd catch TB or something... It's been totally revamped as part of the VoA makeover and looks more like a boutique now. Canali sportswear seersucker shirt, size L.

                Brooks Brothers long-sleeve polo, orange w/ blue stripes. Green flannel pants w/ gold overcheck from LL Bean... 36 waist... I may keep these despite the high rise and pleats

                Now normally I leave Austin Reed because it's not that well made, but this piece is VERY well made... I wish it were my size but it's around a 46R, warm thick grey flannel sportcoat. I'm guessing it's a 46R because it was probably left by the same person who left this beauty... A HF with the Loro Piana Tasmanian Super 120's, size 46R and gorgeous... Charcoal grey with glenplaid and blue overcheck. Normally this would be my best find of the day... But not today.

                The next store I went to I tried to talk the manager down on some luggage (NWT, so he couldn't), but I found a couple interesting things. Chocolate brown J Crew Italian Cashmere sweater, size XL (available). Also a rare double breasted casual Hickey Freeman blazer... This actually fits me (40R) and I might keep it if I hadn't found stuff for me at the 4th stop... and it wasn't black. I've never seen anything like this before... It's wool, but twill, with nice pick stitching on the lapel, very nicely made, 1/4 lined.

                At store #4 I picked up lots of stuff... First in shoes, 2 pairs of size 8 Allen Edmonds... Cole black penny loafers, and Chester black wingtips.

                Another Harris Tweed overcoat, this one even cooler... Excellent quilted lining with a nice wool plaid at the bottom and in the pocket linings. It's about a 44R and a greenish tweed.

                An Orvis tomato red merino wool cardigan sweater vest size L.

                Another Harris Tweed sportcoat.

                My 2nd favorite find of the day... a Pendleton blackwatch plaid sportcoat, size 44 but fits like a 42... maybe a smidge too big for me but I'll take it.

                I actually found that AFTER my favorite, but if I'd quit then I wouldn't have an excellent Blackwatch plaid sportcoat

                The BEST thing I found... a Canali Proposta sportcoat, size 52R EU / 41-42R US... New with tags! A gorgeous grey plaid 3 button. I'm having an internal debate about keeping it or flipping it.

                Pics 378-417 including some stuff from yesterday w/ the Polo flannel suit, tartan tie, and Zegna silk scarf.


                  Good finds. I'm tempted to ask what you'd want for the AE wingtips, but apparently they're made with the 3 last which is AE's widest - not ideal for my medium-to-narrow feet.



                    Good work Jason! was the 41R HF in that batch of pictures?


                      Nope, here's the HF:


                      Shoulder to shoulder: 19"

                      Pit to pit: 21.5"

                      Waist at 1st button of the coat: 20"

                      Back from bottom of collar to bottom: 30.5"

                      Sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff: 25"

                      Pants waist: 34"

                      Inseam: 29" w/ 1.5" cuff so up to 4" to be let out

                      @BenR if you decide you want them then let me know


                        Can I trouble you for the measurements on the wingtips, JC?



                          @JC great find and man that tartan tie would have been perfect, its exactly the kind I was thinking about when I put it on my um hit list?

                          I'm going to give GW and the salvation army another shot tomorrow. Does anyone have any tricks on how to tell how much can be let out on the sleeves? I've done some searching online and understand you can kind of feel the fabric folded over at the edge of the sleeve, but found it to be unreliable on my last go around. Found a sport coat that fit me great was just (in hindsight) uber short on the sleeves. It really seemed that there was enough fabric to let it out sufficiently but when I picked up from the tailor, it was still a good half inch too short. I would have figured 42L would be a more common size but I seem to find 36-38 or 46-48.


                            @BenR Will do tonight... Just the outsole? I'm not too experienced measuring shoes.

                            @Don M I just feel up inside... feel where the outer shell is sewn to the lining and feel how much is left above that seam. It's not the easiest thing, but you'll figure it out. Did your tailor not measure how much your sleeve needed to be let out? That should have been the first thing they did, then they should have checked to see if there was enough fabric.


                              Yeah, outsole measurements are fine - overall length and width at the widest point should do it. Maybe heel width as well.



                                Had some luck 5 ties, all silk: 2 Burberry, 1 Brooks Brothers, 1 Lanvin and 1 Brioni. Can't say I'm love with any of the patterns except for maybe the BB. Also picked up a BB suit in a nice bird's eye pattern and what I though was a Zanieri SC (found out later that it was suit...might have to go back and look for the pants. The Zanieri feels real sweet, striped and super soft (Super 110). The only thing I could find was a swatch of the fabric ( . Its the ZA-23441 under Limited Edition near the bottom.

                                However, my best find turned out to be my worst find. I found this super sweet Lanvin SC. This thing felt like butter, had a nice pattern, fit perfectly and was $8.00 at 50% off! Tried it on and loved how it felt and looked. Then I inspected it closer to find two relatively large moth holes. So disappointing....that was probably my favorite find of all time and I had to let it sit.

                                Do you guys thing it is worth seeing if I can get it reweaved or is it too far gone?