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    I went back to the place where I found the Aquascutum raincoat. It was my second time there. This time I found a Neimam Marcus store brand navy cashmere sportcoat for $6. Its perfect on the outside. It has some ink stains from a broken pen on the inside, but it didn't bleed through to the outside. Nobody except me will see the outside so I'm OK with that. So all in all, I'd call it a productive visit.


      This could be a steal for someone who's a 42. Oxxford SC


        Looks like an orphaned suit coat to me


          Well, the same guy's selling a Belvest DB suit in 42 as well


            Had a good day thrifting. Picked up 3 pairs of shoes:

            Allen Edmonds black Newport tassel loafers in great shape and my size, 10.5D... But I don't wear black shoes so they'll probably go

            Ballys Switzerland Continentals loafers, dark brown, size 9.5D

            Harrys of London driving loafers... these: ( ) size 43 EU, so a size 9 or so

            Also found a vintage '91 unworn Izod Lacoste sweater... I think it's real

            2 shirts, a Brooks Brothers Country Club for me and a Hickey Freeman 16/36 striped dress shirt

            Another Hickey Freeman grey / brown Canterbury suit, 42R

            My absolute favorite find was a Brooks Brothers medium robe, looks unworn. That's staying!

            Pics 353-369


              Its so depressing / exhilarating to read you're thrifting finds JC. Where I live, we don't have anything more than a Macys and a Nordstrom Rack...which makes it impossible to find higher end clothing, and increases the shitty clothes. We don't even have a j.crew, BB, or anything of the sort...I make the thrift rounds about one or twice a month but never find.

              Also that white sweater does look legit. that is back when Izod had owned Lacoste, before they branched off.


                We don't even have a Nordstrom rack. Macy's and Lord & Taylor are our nicest department stores. If you look you might find there's some fine menswear boutiques. We still have one or two, but there used to be several more. We also have relatively easy access to NYC for daytrips I suppose, and we used to have a lot of high-paid workers who travelled a lot, but not so much anymore.

                Mostly it's just being persistent and going back often to find the good finds.


                  I guess I'm fortunate to live in an area with a lot of high end stores. Several Neiman Marcuses, Saks, a couple Nordstroms, and a plethora of high-end boutiques. If you hit the thrift shops in the suburbs, you may find some neat stuff, but not a lot of name brands out side the norm (Hilfiger, Izod, etc). However, the closer you get to the richer part of town, the more you find Neiman Marcus store brand stuff and other top-name stuff. Neiman Marcus store brand stuff seems to be relatively common. Probably because Dallas is the home of Neiman Marcus and it's been around here for forever.

                  Many years ago (long before I met her), my wife worked in thrift store directly in the nicest part of town. She said women would bring in $1000 garments that they only wore once, and a lot of things would still have tags on them. Unfortunately, that place has long since closed, and I don't know of any other places like it.

                  It seems that younger people take their nice stuff to consignment stores, but the older generation will just donate it away - maybe because they don't know any better? Or maybe they're too rich to care. *shrug*


                    Savers is 50% off the entire store tomorrow for everyone and the same deal for card holders today. So I had a productive morning. First, things I left (due to sizing being slightly off, mostly):

                    - 4 NWT Pendleton Shetland wool crewneck sweaters b/c while they fit in the body, the armholes were weirdly low and arms too baggy

                    - a red fine merino wool BR v-neck sweater

                    - charcoal lambswool J. Crew crewneck w/ a logo that I wasn't too fond of

                    - charcoal cashmere Jos.A Bank v-neck

                    - a blue slim fit, french cuff dress shirt each of TM Lewin and CT - the necks were too small, and for as much as I like casually wearing a tie w/o the top button, I think a french cuff shirt requires the neck be buttoned

                    - a 95% cotton, 5% organic blue Nordstrom oxford that had a weird uneven collar

                    - a 2 ply lilac Westbury dress shirt (never heard of Westbury) that fit perfectly everywhere but the neck - same issues as the TM Lewin & CT shirts. But I could honestly see myself going back for that

                    - Nike golf size 7, arrggh

                    what I did get:

                    - a beige lambswool LL Bean crewneck sweater

                    - a merino wool navy BB 346 crewneck sweater

                    - a made in the USA 100% cotton blue Van Heusen oxford - the neck was too small at 14.5 but I don't plan on needing to button that anyway

                    - a light yellow cotton/poly blend Sero oxford - their shit is niiiice, heavy duty

                    - a navy blue cotton BB t shirt and a dope navy Nike polyster golf polo


                      I went to Savers for the 50% off too... Here's what I picked up:

                      - very nice Harris Tweed with green and orange stripes on a grey herringbone ground, size 44L

                      - near mint Hickey Freeman blue dress shirt with orange stripes, french cuffs, 16/36 (too long for me)

                      - a very nice navy striped Brooks Brothers oxford in my size (16/34)

                      - 2 new with tags Brooks Brothers polo shirts, both size Large, both kind of a salmon color

                      I also met up with a guy from SF and traded him a HF shirt for 3 CT slim fit blue dress shirts (one somewhat damaged) and he threw in a nice blue w/ white stripe Suit Supply shirt with MOP buttons... It's a size 39, so I'll have to see if it's too small


                        We don't have Savers. In fact, I've never even heard of it prior to today.


                          This is my biggest "haul" yet, complete with rushed and crappy Droid pics. I think all of these are going to be offered; I don't know about the shoes yet. Any interest, let me know.

                          Crockett and Jones ankle boots from Barneys!

                          Beautiful Florsheim gunboats (both of these have nailed soles)

                [email protected]/6709496269/in/photostream

                          Facconable white french cuff

                [email protected]/6709483433/in/photostream

                          Vintage A&F shirt

                [email protected]/6709483449/in/photostream

                          39 R Zanella SC made in Italy SC

                [email protected]/6709483491/in/photostream

                          Awesome Hardy Amies tan SC



                            And I passed up a light blue gingham HF shirt, large, and two Theory mediums in plain dark colors (one was a dark blue, the other purple, I think). If anyone wants, I'll go back tomorrow.


                              What size are the C&J's?


                                8.5 D, but they fit me well with room in the toe, and I wear a 9.5 D in AE strands.

                                And the rest of the stuff is up for grabs because none of it really fits me. The Amies is like a 40R (which is killing me).