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    I found a 37R Aquascutum 3-roll-2 sportcoat a few weeks ago, but failed to notice that the padding in one of the shoulders has started to creep up toward the neck, creating a weird bump. Might try to get my tailor to take it out as it's a gorgeous jacket.. but we shall see if I just chalk it up to poor inspection on my part.


      It fits me well in the shoulders so I don't know if I can fit a blazer or suit jacket underneath it, but I'll see when I get home. Even if I manage to fit it on over a jacket, the arms might come up short. So I'll jsut play with it, and I'll try to post some pics when I get home!

      Good luck on the sportcoat, Zach. Hopefully it's not a costly fix,a nd it comes out looking like you want. :-)


        Yeah, Aquascutum and Burberry seem to be duking it out for the title of "original trench coat." Either one is a great find, especially if it's in good condition and the correct size.

        I think I've always had a softer spot for Burberry, not just because I got one for a song on eBay, but also because "aquascutum" sounds uncomfortably like some sort of bodily fluid.



          I've been sick since New Year's so I got out of the house today and hit up my local Salvo for a few minutes. I ended up only getting three ties: a wool gray with only the old Macy's Men Store label, a blue silk Tiffany Collection from Excello and a woven in Italy blue silk with white stripes Burlington Knot by J. Press. Being less than a mile from where J. Press was founded (and the school it was founded for), I wish I could find more of their stuff. Oh well.

          But I left behind a plethora of nice stuff that wasn't my size, some being:

          - about five heavy duty Gitman Bros. oxfords (17/33)

          - a Charlie Chang custom tailored shirt from Hong Kong that would be awesome to have; it even had his shops contact info in the neck

          - a black gingham Butler & Webb (never heard of them) that had no size tags but was too big

          - a Hart Schaffner Marx trench-ish jacket without any tags or size I could find

          - and then lots of the London Fog, Brooks Brothers and newer Gant I normally see


            Newer Gant stuff can be nice... Especially Gant Rugger and Gant by Michael Sebastian.


              I haven't yet graduated to a comfortability level for wearing thrift store shirts. I know it's all in my mind, but it doesn't feel as wierd to me when it's something that's not held directly against my skin such as jackets, coats, blazers, etc.


                @ Jason, it wasn't my size and I wasn't thrilled with the pattern anyway. Will either of those have Gant by XX labels as opposed to just Gant w/ the lines above and below? That's another brand I wish I saw more of since it was founded here like J. Press.


                  Chern, what sort of Gant stuff are you finding? If you ever find anything in Small/36R/14.5 that's recent, I'd gladly take it off your hands if you're willing to proxy.


                    Judging by Gant's catalog on their site, I'm not sure how recent the stuff I'm finding is.

                    And I see mostly shirts, but I can keep an eye out for those sizes and take some pics you want.


                      Here are a few shots of the raincoat. Bare in mind that it has not been ironed, and the lighting is pretty awful.

                      Fully closed:


                      It's not at all fitted. But for something made to go over other clothes (including full suits), I'm not particularly surprised. Besides, I'm not that skinny and this thing was likely made a few years ago where fitted clothes were less popular. I need all the space I can get, so this works.

                      One flap open:


                      Notice the liner. You can't tell from the pic, but it's in fantastic condition. I understand that the pattern is their signature pattern in much the same way Burberry has their own signature pattern.

                      Hand in pocket:


                      It might be hard to tell what's going on, but I'm reaching past the coat pocket, through the liner, and into my pants pocket. That way I can pull out my keys without having to open the raincoat - a handy feature if it's actually raining.

                      As I expected, getting the coat on over a suit jacket is difficult, and the arms do ride up about an inch. I tried to get a picture, but I had a hard time demonstrating on camera. As it stands, the whole thing could be just a touch larger in the shoulders and in the arms if I were to use it with a full suit. I guess I could keep my hands in the pockets or something. ;-) It's not the end of the world, though. For $12, I'm satisfied.


                        @BenR lol, I'm partial to Aquascutum but that's because I studied Latin and know that it means "water shield." I admit, the name is a mouthful.


                          @Alan got any pics of the tags?


                            So today at lunch I went to the temple thrift store I've talked about before... Picked up 3 HF suits, all 50L, including one that's brand new with tags and unhemmed. Also picked up a Giorgio Armani le Collezioni black 48L suit from the same guy and a new in bag HF dress shirt 17.5/36.

                            Went out tonight after dinner... Found another of these XL Luciano Barbera sport shirts at the same place. That's 4 now.

                            Then I went to Savers. They had a ton of NWT blazers and sportcoats from LRL, Chaps, Nautica, and even Alan Flusser. Some store must have been dumping their leftover stock. I picked up these 2, a Brooks Brothers sportcoat and a Harris Tweed with the newest Harris Tweed tag I've ever seen. They're both basically NWOT and both fit, but I think the BB is too yellow for my complexion, so it's available (41R). They also had 2 interesting Lanvin 100% camel hair blazers, around the same size as the one I picked up (37-38) in red and black. I didn't pick them up because no-one was interested in the first one, but I could go back if you guys want.

                            Also picked up 2 more driving caps... One charcoal grey 100% cashmere, made in Ireland, labelled Foxhunter, and one navy and green plaid wool with a label inside under a plastic protector that says Dobbs Park Avenue New York.

                            Pics 329-352

                            Also, this came today. Merry Christmas to me! I feel like I need better shoes to go with it:


                              I found a lot of orphaned suit jackets (I assume) today, but I really, really wanted to pick them up anyway. DBs from Alexandre of London and Armani along with a Paul Stuart and a Hickey Freeman. The HF, Stuart and Armani were all in a Goodwill together with two other sweet but very large jackets (

                              If you guys think I'm crazy for passing up the Armani and the Alexandre, I can go back and pick those up tomorrow (I KNOW the Alexandre will still be there). I just figured the DBs were part of a suit, but maybe they weren't. And I also am having some trouble pulling the trigger on things.

                              Oh yeah, I also found a really big suit from Dior Grand Luxe, but I couldn't find anything on the brand. I see Dior Monsieur all the time, so I was hesitant to pick it up.


                                And I found this over Christmas break in a cool little antique mall in my hometown. It was $12, and it's warm and in pristine shape, and that inside lining is awesome. It's my favorite jacket right now, but as it will soon be warming back up in Atlanta, it might have to go back into the closet.

                                It was born and raised in Seattle, so that's a cool bonus.