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    awesome! I never mind spending a couple extra bucks at local thrifts, since they do look at every piece they shelve.

    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



      Recently picked up a nice off-white sport coat. It's not high quality but fit's me very well and still looks great (plus it was $3). It's to become my summer jacket. Then I also picked up a cool painting (print) already on a frame for my new apartment ($5).

      However for my best hauls, I've found plenty of Ralph Lauren ties and shirts, Stafford jackets and ties (including a really nice tweed jacket), and finally a pair of Paul Stuart driving loafers in good condition. I'll have to get pictures of those bad boys some time...



        Figured I'd give this thread a bump. Thrifting is fun!

        Got two things today:

        1) forest green/navy/tan windowpane plaid blazer by Juilliard. Quality seems decent, but I mainly bought it because I like the pattern and it is sorta aligned with modern tastes, with a fairly narrow notch lapel, minimal shoulder pads, close fit, and it isn't too long (i'm 5 ft 7). $7

        2) Cambridge Plaid work shirt from Gant. Autumney mix of red, orange, navy, and many others. I didn't even notice the tag when I picked it up, but the quality was obvious from the get-go. I would never pay $150 retail for a shirt, but there is a very real difference in quality between this and normal department store stuff. The cotton is thick and soft, and though there is no price tag on it, I could almost swear it is brand-new and unwashed. $3

        Amusement: I saw a shirt which was a strange hybrid work shirt type thing. The front was light blue denim, about half-way to the back it turned into cream colored thick cotton. Also, it had a large,tan, corduroy collar. Almost bought it just for the heck of it. Perhaps to burn it like the abomination it is.

        Anyone else getting some decent hauls?



          What types of places do y'all thrift at? It seems like here it's either Goodwill on one end or the pricey hipster "vintage clothing" store on the other.

          I've been patient before and found some decent things. But never a blazer and never a real quality garment.



            Those're basically the two kinds of places I go to. I find pretty decent stuff sometimes...most days nothing. I'd like to find something in between the hipster consignment shop and Goodwill/Salvation Army.



              went to salvation army and got a great pair of choclate cords, perfect for the fall. I need to get the pants hemmed, but will post next week when i get em back in WIWT

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                I thrift, although I only make it out every few months.

                I've found a couple resale shops dedicated to men's clothing. They tend to be the most expensive (and most educated about brands and pricing) but they also have a higher possibility of having my size.

                I've also shopped at the hip places (Buffalo Exchange chain) and it's hit or miss. I try to go to the ones in art communities. The ones in suburban/inner city locations tend to have trendy clothes for high schoolers (I'm in my early 30's). They also want $15 for a gap polo, and $20+ for a standard-cut button up shirt.

                I've had least luck with Salvation Army / Goodwill. Some of the better finds have been at locations within / on the border of ritzy neighborhoods where people donate nice things. Usually clothes there either really outdated (has avocado come back and left since the late 60's?). My wife has scored me name-brand scarves and wool & knit ties for <$5.

                My best finds: Camel-hair sport coat, $30. Black corduroy sport coat, $20. Casual cotton/chino sport coat, $30. No tailoring needed on all pieces.

                My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                  I can't say I go very often, maybe once every month or two, but it's great for odd jackets, ties, and small stuff. I usually don't buy shoes new, but try to find them on ebay, which I guess is like e-thrifting



                    Cool! Didn't see this thread before.

                    Yeah, I went last weekend. I got a nice pair of 100% wool Banana Republic pants for $9. Got them back from the tailors today, so I'll wear them next week.

                    I got a Hickey Freeman suit jacket with a worsted wool glen plaid for $12, but I think I'm going to take it back. Unless I can find the matching pants it's not gonna work... Couldn't make it work as a sportcoat separate.

                    I got like 8 or 9 ties... Hardy Amies, a couple Brooks Brothers, a nice Bass cotton plaid, and my favorite, a vintage Oscar de la Renta silk.. I forget the others, but all handmade.

                    I got a nice driving cap that goes with my tan trenchcoat and a nice purple and blue striped scarf.

                    My biggest disappointments were in finding shirts and shoes. Nothing in my size for shirts and nothing quality for shoes at any of the places I went.

                    I think the best thing I got was a real schooling on fabric and construction. Now I can feel a jacket and tell if it's canvassed. I can tell if fabrics are natural or synthetic, and I can tell if a tie is handmade. You can just tell quality from crap after feeling enough of them.

                    Did y'all read this? It's a great writeup for thrifting and the advice served me well when I went:




                      I usually go into a Savers, Goodwill or Salvo if I have some time and am in the area. Last time I went I picked up a nice plaid Lily Dache tie for $3, a wool Banana Republic sweater for $8 and a nice knockaround plaid Woolrich for $4. I usually only look into blazers, ties and shirts. I've never looked into shoes or pants - but maybe I'll try next time.

                      It's nice to be able to pick up some quality goods at really cheap prices.



                        I just started checking my local Goodwill once in a while. Mostly looking at suits/jackets/outerwear; seen some great stuff but the sizes tend to lean larger. I tend to see misplaced women's items but otherwise it's arguably a comparable shopping experience to Ross or TJ Maxx (YMMV). Great shoe selection if you're ok with some wear and tear, and they seem to know and price up the good stuff (though it's still a great price).

                        Also, the luggage section is worth a look, lots of leather in good shape, nice briefcases at $5-$10.

                        Last purchase: shoe stretchers for $5.

                        Another thing to keep in mind: some places give you a one-day discount when you make a donation that day; this goodwill has a discount on Tuesday.

                        @Jason Carreira: Great article!



                          I've gotten in to thrift/consignment lately, and this website and forum have largely been the inspiration behind it.

                          Max - I see that you are also in MA/Boston-area, I found a great store down here on the South Shore (Pembroke) called "Men's Replay". This week I've picked up a couple of beautiful Brooks Bros. 346 Slim Fit oxford shirts for $10 each, and a pair of Hugo Boss wool pants for $15. They look brand new. Per your advice, I've been on the lookout for AE shoes, haven't found any yet



                            I have a couple of times, but don't go out of my way anymore. Around here there just isn't much good quality items. I've gone half a dozen times and the best I've come home with is a $3 Robert Talbot tie. Pricing is also more expensive here, sport coats are around $20 at the thrifts locally, so I would rather just find one I like on Ebay or classifieds and pay $40-50. Just not worth it IMO.



                              Always an interesting visit if I'm in that neighborhood. Last time, for example, I found an "Aperture Labs" track jacket in pristine condition for $8,




                                Went tonight... Got a pair of good shape Florsheim tassel loafers made in Italy, a Hugo Boss lavender dress shirt, and a white Prada dress shirt with MOP buttons... I left a Canali and an Ike Behar dress shirt because they didn't fit.