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    @ZachL no problem. I'm actually okay posting shoes and accessories, so I've got a Robert Talbott 7 fold tie up and I sold the Brioni tie last night. The Timberlands are scheduled to start tonight.

    Unfortunately clothes are a lot easier to find and flip than really nice ties or shoes.


      At my local thrift store I was wondering why there was only a "right" shoe on the shelf. I looked more closely and they want $75 for a pair of ECCO shoes (LOL). I guess its marked like that because of an inner price tag that shows $135.


        OK. today's haul includes a gorgeous Burberrys suit, AE sheltons (9 C) and ties from Etienne Aigner, Hennessy Couture and Burberrys of London.
[email protected]/sets/72157628422609561/with/6513107255/

        Suit is (I think I did this right):

        20'' shoulder to shoulder

        19" pit to pit

        18" across the first button

        31.5" length

        25" sleeve

        I'd guess the pants were about a 33/34 x 32/33

        Questions, comments, concerns?


          Went today with my friend. She's insanely creative and had some black picture frames that she wanted to cover with fabrics from ties and shirts she could find at Savers, etc to give as Christmas presents. So I spent a while looking through little ladies' shirts for interesting patterns with her. For myself, I picked up:

          - A wool herringbone blazer and the only tag I could find said "Dewey's, Quechee, Vermont". There were no size tags either, but it fit perfectly so I got it

          - An orange cotton cashmere J.Crew crewneck sweater

          - An unlabeled wool scarf with a bold black, grey and white check

          I left multiple shirts in my size, just because I don't really need any more as it is: Charles Tyrwhitt, Brooks Brothers, Saks Fifth Ave and a few more.


            @JC Any interest in the suit? I'll be going the Ebay route if there aren't any bites here. (A duder on SF actually told me it's not worth anything.)


              @jonATL I'm gonna pass. I don't wear suits much so I shouldn't be buying more

              You should be able to get in the $50 range for it


                Went this morning... Not much but I did get an awesome Woolrich red and black plaid field coat with patch pockets, hand-warmer pockets, and 2 huge game pockets in the back that could hold a couple ducks, a couple bottles of wine, etc.

                It's a 42, which might fit me. Not sure if I want to keep it or flip it.


                  @JC I might bite on that if you don't want it. Going home to family in Idaho can make for a cold Christmas. Alternatively, it could be a nice little extra gift for a stepdad who is enjoying being outdoorsy after buying a mountain home. Or not.


                    @jonATL It's yours if you want it... It does fit me and it's in great condition, but it's a bit more "great northern woodsman" than I am.


                      Do you usually wear a 42? I'm a 40, so it might not fit. How much are you looking for?


                        I took some recent thrift finds to get dry cleaned and altered and I was wondering if people could tell me if I'm paying in the right ball park. I have only ever had one pair of pants that I have personally dropped off and picked up from the dry cleaner and can't remember what rates were like. Even when I wear suits or slacks, I don't think they should be cleaned unless they are soiled. At any rate would appreciate some feedback, Yelp said the cleaner/tailor is great but no one commented on price which is pretty paramount to me.

                        Dry clean: 2 wool sport coats, 1 corduroy sport coat, 1 wool tie, 1 trench coat

                        Alteration: Let out the sleeves on 2 wool sport coats and the trench coat. Fix two very small holes on 1 sport coat. The woman said she would do this last part free but maybe it was priced into the whole order; re-sew the lining to the sport coat that had come undone for 4-5 inches.

                        I have some other stuff I'd need cleaned and they seem to be the best around (not that many options in walking distance) but want to make sure I'm not over paying. I'll put the price if any one is interested after some opinion is thrown out there; I don't want to influence anyone's feedback subconsciously.



                          Don, there's some pretty good info in this thread about dry cleaning. I'm more inclined to agree that it is a scam.


                          Letting out sleeves should be relatively cheap (assuming you just mean lengthening). $10-15 per coat? My very good but very pricey tailor charges about $18 for that.

                          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                            @jonATL I usually wear a 41R. It's not loose on me in the shoulders, but it might be on you. I could ship it to you for $40.


                              Yeah, that sounds like it might be a little big. It would be nice to have for cold weather, but I only see those kind of temps a week out of the year. It's still hovering around 50 down here in the south.


                                @jonATL well, I found a LL Bean chino blazer size 40R that fit me perfectly today, so I dunno... Of course, I also found a Hickey Freeman khaki suit @ 42R that fit me perfectly. If you decide you want it, let me know. After today's haul it's probably going to be a couple weeks before I can post the Woolrich on eBay.