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    @Don did you search the GW for the pants? Maybe it was a suit that was split up


      @JC are you still trying to unload the Hickey Freeman black blazer w/ pewter buttons, 40S? Do you have pics?


        @jon Yes, I still have it. I haven't had a chance yet, but I will tonight, along with measurements. I'll hold off on putting it on eBay and put the pics and measurements here.

        I don't know if anyone is a size 8.5C shoe, but I also still have the black Timberland moc-toe chukkas that I haven't posted. They're NWOT and very nice. They've made me really want some moc-toe boots but now I'm having a very hard time finding the oiled waxy Sebago Beacons I'm lusting after in my size.


          I could probably fit into a 8.5C, shoot me some pictures. I'm always in the need for some chukkas, although I hardly ever wear black shoes.

          Today was a pretty good run - RLPL houndstooth tie with a pink stripe, 2 spring cotton knit ties, a 36R sportcoat with suede elbow patches, ticket pocket, and hacking pockets, some Florshiem shoe trees, and a GANT shirt in my size.


            @ZachL Here's the boots:

            They're these:

            brand new, unworn 8.5M

            @jonATL Here's the blazer:

            Shoulder to shoulder: 18"

            Pit 2 Pit: 21"

            Across 1st button: 19"

            Back from collar to bottom: 29"

            Sleeve: 23"

            I also have this HF suit that's marked a 37R but measures larger:

            Shoulder to shoulder: 18.5"

            Pit 2 Pit: 22"

            1st button: 19"

            Back: 30"

            Sleeve: 24"

            Pants waist: 17"

            Inseam: 29" w/ 1.5" cuff and 1" extra inside


              @JC Thanks for posting, but I just looked at this little thing called a credit card balance, and it told me that I can't buy your jacket. I was kind of counting on getting paid in a timely manner for my Ebay sales, but such is life.

              You should probably go ahead and post it.


                Unfortunately I can't... stupid eBay... I've hit the category limit for men's clothes. I won't be able to put any more up for at least a couple days. I guess I'm stuck listing up my ties and this pair of shoes (unless anyone wants them)


                  I think my local Value Village has officially lost it. Today I saw a crappy Tommy Hilfiger suit for $80, lame department store shirts for $13, a no-name pilled overcoat for $70 and there a Costco mom jeans-style denim shirt marked higher than Brooks Brothers and a Charles Tyrwhitt. I swear the prices there have gone up 30% in the last 6 months and it's not even worth it anymore.


                    If anyone's an 11.5 and into Jcrew's wingtips, this could be a good deal:


                      Anyone interested in a gray windowpane Burberrys suit from an upscale men's shop in Atlanta (now closed)? I'll post pics and measurements when I get home (if there's interest), but I'd say it's only a little bit big for me (40S), so it could be a 40R or a 42R??


                        YES. PICTURES PLZ. Any idea how old?


                          I have no idea how old it is, but it is spelled Burberrys, if that matters. Muse's went out of business in the early 90s, I think. I found this bit about the store on SF:

                          "The holy Atlanta Institution of Muse's is no more - although their empty storefront still exists downtown. The floors above it have been converted to loft apartments/condos/whatever.

                          There was a time when anyone who was anyone in Atlanta shopped in only one of two places: Muse's for the more exclusive crowd and Rich's for everyone else. Both are now gone. Muse's simply closed, Rich's became Macy's (or if you want my opinion - Macy's Lite)."

                          I see tags from that shop all the time and usually pass over them. Maybe I should start picking them up.


                            Yeah, I think Burberry changed from the Burberrys tags in '96 so that makes sense. I'd still like to see pics. How are the lapels? Wide? Low gorge?


                              Thanks for the pictures Jason, but I'll have to pass. Those rubber soles look a bit too clunky for my taste. I'm sure someone will snatch them off eBay, if you're ever allow to list more items!


                                I also found an immaculate pair of these in 9C:

                                I had a big, big day, and will probably pass along most of this stuff. Pics soon, I promise.