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    I ran across an Oxxford that was few sizes too big and Canali today in a second-hand vintage men's clothing store. The Canali was tagged a EU60XL. Who is this monster?!, and why did they get rid of a very new Canali. I can only assume it came from Andre the Giant or someone suffering a similar condition.

    The only thing I picked up was an unstructured madras cotton jacket in about 36R that will be awesome for my spring/summer wear for 35$.


      EU60 in Canali is around a 47-48 in US sizes. That's big but not ridiculous.


        I guess it was the tagged XL length that threw me off.. haven't seen a XL length, especially on a $2000+ suit...


          People who were looking for Harris Tweeds, I've got 6 going up on eBay tomorrow night... Let me know if you're interested in one before then and I'll get you the measurements and pics:

          38R, 38L, 41R, 42L x2, 44R - this one is really special, with a premium Harris Tweed by the Kenneth Macleod mill


            Jason, what are the details on the 38R?


              @grasking, here ya go:

              Actual Measurements (laying flat) :

              Shoulders: 17.5"

              Chest: 20" (Armpit-2-Armpit)

              Length: 28" (Collar-2-Bottom)

              Sleeve: 24" (Top shoulder seam-2-Sleeve end) with about 1" to be let out

              Colors: Brown herringbone

              Not sure why the link pics aren't working... should work if you click through


                Latest find:

                Banana Republic three-button leather jacket, small. Pristine. I can't find it anywhere online, though, so I don't know what to make of it. The label, instead of being on the inside back of the jacket, is only on the inside right pocket. Made in China.

                Have you guys seen anything like this?

                Numbers on the inside tag that might help with ID:


                Vendor # 000004195

                Comm # 287574

                F 01

                If I don't decide to keep it, I might flip it. Any interest? I can post pics when I get home.


                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                    Ha! This is it, but mine is small and in brown.



                      OK, so I got home and the small men's leather blazer from Banana Republic isn't really my style.

                      If you guys are interested, make me an offer.

                      There are some light scuff marks that would come from wearing the jacket a few times, but other than that, this is pretty perfect.

                      The length is about 30

                      Chest is 40

                      Sleeve is around 31



                        OK, it's been Ebayed, but if it doesn't sell and someone wants it ...



                          @Tat if you want the Brioni tie let me know soon... I'll probably list it in the next day or so if I don't hear from you


                            @Jason, I blame you for this new addiction. But I guess lunch-break thrifting doesn't really hurt anyone.

                            Picked up a pair of these today:

                            I think they're a size seven, but they fit me for some reason ( I thought I was a 9.5-10).


                              Decided to create a Flickr account to commemorate my best thrifting find so far.

                              Burberry trenchcoat made in England for Harrod's. $30 - 30% since I had a completed stamp card. (You get a stamp for every $5 worth of goods purchased)

                              Funny story about how I scored this:

                              I was at Value Village and was getting ready to pay for my stuff (Holt Renfrew 100% cashmere cardigan and a red Burberry wool sweater, pics coming soon). While passing along the women's section, the famous Burberry plaid design caught the corner of my eye. Quickly snatched it up, prayed to God that it was 1.) a men's coat lost in the women's section 2.) My size. Bingo on both accounts, fit me perfectly that it doesn't even need tailoring.

                              When the cashier was processing my items, she paused on the trench, and I could see the gears inside of her head turning. She just SMH'd and carried on. Guess she was looking for a way to prevent me from buying it?


                                @ JC, sorry I cannot purchase the tie atm. I've already gone over budget for clothing and xmas this month.

                                My apologies.