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    Thanks Evan, that's a great perspective. I've been told by our local Goodwill here in northern Virginia that all the donations go to a central warehouse and then are doled out proportionally to each individual store. Therefore, just because a store is in poor neighborhood X, doesn't mean the clothes are coming from there. And vice versa in the rich neighborhoods. Also, I've noticed that Goodwill cherry picks a lot of stuff to go on their auction website, which presumably brings in more money. Also, individual stores now have "premium" racks where they put the "high end" clothes. Well, sort of. I do get a kick out of finding Ralph Lauren LAUREN jackets on the premium rack for $50 and Hickey Freeman and Brooks Brothers jackets on the regular rack for $5. So, I suppose the pickers not be totally up to speed on "premium" brands.

    Otherwise, I wholly agree with you that the best spots are in the edge zone between affluent and less affluent areas. In particular, I find the smaller stores, like the ones that support hospitals or churches, are often better than the big Goodwills and Salvation Armies. Just like with fishing, in takes some trial and error to find a good honey hole.

    As I type this, it occurs to me that my entire outfit today was sourced through thrifting - Harris tweed jacket, Vineyard Vines dress shirt, Orvis khakis, Italian silk tie, and Alden dress shoes (which I left the "$4.99" sticker in for good measure). Good stuff is out there, fellas!