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    [MENTION=2422]jonATL[/MENTION] those are all really nice, but those bugs are awesome!


      From today:


        I've been away for a bit (busy start of the year). But one of my New Year's resolutions was to improve my thrifting skills. So in January, I gave myself $300 and 30 days to see what I could get. It went pretty well! Here are some of my best finds from those 30 days and up to today. This will be a few posts long organized by category, starting with shoes and boots. Everything here was picked up at thrift stores (no e-thrifts)

        2 pairs of Vintage Florsheim Imperial Longwings 93602s, Royal Imperial Longwings, AE 5th Aves, Aldens loafers, Florsheim Imperial Norwegians

        Magnanni croc loafers and vintage Florsheim Guardsman chukkas in buffalo

        Vintage Florsheim Imperials 92604s, AE Graysons, AE Hillboros, AE Maxfields, AE Chesters, and AE Manchesters

        AE Dellwoods, Aldens and Church's


          Outerwear 1

          Vintage Burberry Trench coat

          Vintage Aquascutum

          TM Lewin

          Hugo Boss


            Sorry for the image sizes! I just saw that they're huge (thought images were automatically scaled). I'll fix the other pics and upload some more later. All the best and have a great weekend!


              Man! You must be around some majorly cool thrift stores. I've only ever seen (and of course purchased) 3 AE shoes in a year+ of thrifting. Awesome job!

              I did e-thrift a pair of very lightly used AE concord single monks for $45 shipped and just rejuvenated the last pair of AE's I found some AE Fairgate's in merlot. The AE burgundy shoe crème is awesome! I HIGHLY recommend it to even out some faded and beat up leather uppers.


                [MENTION=14064]jmreg[/MENTION] Thanks for the insight into treating the shoes! As for cool thrift stores: not really. Like I said, I gave myself a month to get better at this. Made more mistakes than good finds at the start, but I learned alot and kept applying that knowledge, researching and asking lots of questions. Like anywhere, about 99.9% of the stuff in the stores where I am is useless. One advantage though is that not many people where I am are looking for the same things I do. Sneakers, tees, polos, shorts are very popular. Sport coats, outerwear, dress shoes, ties not so much.

                Sorry, but in my last post, that last jacket isn't the Hugo Boss. It's a Brooks Brothers Loro Piana 100% Cashmere sport coat. Here's the Hugo Boss wool/cashmere overcoat:

                I resized the photos so they're not "GIANT" now. Here are my sporty outerwear finds:

                Patagonia 3/4 shell

                One of my favorite finds: new without tags Penfield

                And a collection of TNF, Mountain Hardware, and Patagonia.That pale blue TNF in the upper left corner is an old-school made in the US that's still totally wearable. Happy with that find!

                Also picked up some other TNF pieces for me and for the wife and a Superdry windhiker


                  Some more classic outerwear

                  Very cool Polo Field jacket

                  Orvis Suede Blazer that's just a little too big for me

                  And this monster of a vintage Schott

                  Speaking of monsters: Malcolm Kenneth 100% cashmere overcoat that weighs about 15 pounds


                    [MENTION=15090]JohnG[/MENTION] do you plan on reselling any of this? Those are some amazing finds.


                      Alright, sport coats! Before anything, I'll have to ask some forgiveness with the extreme wrinkling. Sadly, that's how they arrive down here. But a good dry cleaning has done wonders for the ones I've had done so far. So, starting with the Brooks Brothers finds. I already shared the cashmere one earlier; here are the others:

                      Made in Italy Silk/Linen/Wool

                      Amazing plaid

                      Made in Italy Tweed

                      Grey with light brown windowpane wool


                        [MENTION=7045]sethtvaughn[/MENTION] I did. But the problem is the shipping. To get a pair of shoes from Guate to the U.S. is about $85 (that's the cheapest). It's ridiculous. So at the start of my little adventure (in January), I was grabbing anything good, no matter what the size. Now I'm a little more disciplined and I'm basically shopping just for myself, family and friends. But if I ever do find a cheaper way to ship, I will definitely let you know via PM!

                        More sport coats

                        Vintage Armani 100% Cashmere

                        Vintage Armani wool/cashmere. This is one I had drycleaned. Before, it was as wrinkled as the others. But I think they turn out pretty well with a little TLC!

                        Oxxford Cloth

                        Zanella Made in Italy Piacenza wool/cashmere with crazy mother of pearl buttons


                          Last round of sport coats

                          Polo Camel Hair

                          Pal Zileri Zegna Cotton Cashmere 3 button patch pocket

                          Samuelsohn Blazer

                          And, from a MSRP perspective, this is probably my most "expensive" find. Saks Black 100% Cashmere, new with tags

                          Those are the "best" ones, but I also picked up some Burberry (both vintage and new label), some other mainline Zegnas, and a couple of J.Crew linen and cotton jackets.

                          I'll try and get my sweater, tie and "odds and ends" finds up tomorrow. All the best!


                            Picked up these AE Cliftons ($11).

                            Little wear but they'll be fine after a conditioning & shine.

                            Drake's London dress shirt- NWOT ($3).

                            Love the fit.
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                              Originally posted by JohnG View Post
                              JohnG you been killing it lately. Just gotta say.

                              I haven't been in this thread lately because I haven't been thrifting as hard. I think i've been turning up dry when I do go too. But I'll have some new ones to post eventually LOL.


                                Picked up a pair of Bonobos​ weekday warriors in gray, perfect size for me, 33x34 straight. $7, wrinkled like they've been sitting in a bag but look to be in perfect shape.

                                I never find any decent suits/jackets or shoes. Not even close on shoes...