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    Originally posted by tony2 View Post
    At first glance they looked beaten to death but it was just a matter of cleaning, conditioning and some polish. They are built like tanks...also, they hadn't seen a shoe-tree maybe in forever, so after a week or so they look even better.
    Nailed heel still? I found the same pair a while back — I think I might have paid double what you did — and they are seriously heavy duty. Watch out for slick floors, though.


      Another reason to Thrift...

      I know hear on we mostly discuss new clothes and a lot of the time it's BR, Lands End, etc...Go thrifting or go to a good clothing shop, try on a jacket or 2 and there is no question you will notice the difference in a suit that is made to last as opposed to something you might get a good 3 years out of...


        Found a pair of these today:

        Waaay too small for me though, so if any of you is in to Japanese selvedge denim ...


          Edit: PMed you
          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


            Cole Haan wingtip ankle boots. Picked these up slightly used on eBay for $60. Used a bit of Danner leather dressing to darken/shine them up. Now I think they look great.

            Eddie Bauer satchel. Found this at a second-hand shop. Only $16. Used several coats of Danner leather dressing and got it looking pretty good. I like that the coloring isn't perfect.


              Picked these up at Goodwill today:

              di Benedetto dark grey camel hair blazer

              Stafford blue oxford

              Stafford green stripe oxford

              All this along with a dress for my daughter cost $10.47.


                Today's thrifting trip:

                Dark grey camel hair blazer
                Stafford blue oxford and green striped oxford
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                  Is there any good thrifting to be found in Orange County? South Orange County... CA? I wouldn't even know where to start. I tried yelp but all, and I mean ALL of the reviews are by females. Any help or direction would be appreciated. I promise I won't go in and take your size.... I promise.


                    @Sandpointe, I would think that thrift shops in the Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach area would be worth checking out - lots of people in those areas with the cash to buy nice stuff makes it likely that some of it will wind up in local thrift shops. Another possibility, morbid though it may be, is in the Laguna Hills area: Leisure World = lots of older gents who buy quality stuff that they stop needing because they shuffle off this mortal coil...


                      I just read my post from earlier... really, did I type "Is there", instead of 'Are there'. I guess I just lost my license to be a grammatical snob. Dang it!

                      @Shomas, those are great recommendations. I know of a couple in CdM that wouldn't quite qualify as thrift stores because of their prices. But I will check them out anyway. There is a GW on El Toro not far from Leisure World/Laguna Woods.



                        Plug in a city/state or a zip code. It won't have all the honey holes, but it's a place to start to say the least.


                          Corey: Nice finds. Those boots are definitely a good buy at $60, and that satchel is pretty cool.

                          Here are some of my finds from the last few weeks. First few are from LA, with the rest from Atlanta.

                          Trad 3-roll-2 Brioni in 46 R

                          Allen Mcafee made in England by Cheaney. Nailed heels. 9.

                          Vintage Johnston and Murphy. Nailed Heels. 9
                          Will pair well with the dinner jacket I just picked up.(Came with vintage Florsheim shoe trees for $17.50).

                          Seriously sweet Pam Beach vintage blazer from the 50s. Bataya weave for summer. Just a little too long at 39 R.

                          And an insane Loro Piana 100 percent cashmere Rene Lezard blazer that didn't fit but sold rather quickly.
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                            Where do y'all sell stuff you don't keep? eBay or are there better outlets? I picked up a BB Regent 100% cotton blazer that is a tad too big at 43R that I want to move.


                              ebay or styleforum


                                Going to try my hand at thrifting today after class, not expecting anything haha