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    short sleeve button ups


    Here is Southern California temps are already getting quite high, especially during the day. I'd like to start rocking some short sleeve button ups. Unfortunately, having just moved from the midwest in August my supply is very limited and what I have doesn't fit well. Either they are too billowy or way too long to be worn untucked. I ordered a few from LEC during the last sale and while they fit nicely through the arms and chest, the length was almost preposterous.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for where I might be able to snag a few decent slim fitting, not too long short sleeve button ups? I don't want to pay anymore than $40/shirt, ideally.


    I get all my casual short sleeve button ups from Macy's, Kohl's, and Sears. They have never been slim fitting, but the length should be what you expect from a casual button up that is not designed to be tucked in.



      Yeah! I love ss button-ups. People shy away from them for some reason, but they look great if you have the right frame and get the right fit.

      I would start with Target. I have two of these (from last year). Cheap and a great fit. 8501&productId=204498417&categoryId=3680&overlayId =QuickView&validation=true&position=targetCenter&o mnitureSuperCatgValue=men:clothing:shirts&lnk=plp_ qi_grid_1_10

      Express probably is a good bet. I have a thrifted ss button-up from there and I love it.

      Gap is good too. Just make sure you get "slim" and not "classic."



        I must have never seen anyone with the right fit or frame then. I fall into the "not a fan" camp.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I agree that it's usually not pulled off. It's gotten a bad wrap because dweeby office workers wear them in an awful cut two sizes too big. Would you agree that it looks good on that Express model though?



            I'm with Greg_S on this one. Have never been a real fan of the SS button down and my wife is even less a fan. She comments all the time when we see guys wearing them.

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              If it's a good fit, I say it's a good piece for SoCal. I wore one yesterday actually (also an LEC and I also noticed the long length). I'd also suggest wearing it with a sweater sometimes. If you've got a light sweater, it's a good combination between looking nice (for the non-fans) and staying cool.



                I feel ya' Caliprof. I'm in San Diego and it's starting to get harder and harder to wear a blazer or layers in general. I've been checking out SS button ups on Ebay. Brands like J Crew and Ben Sherman are good and slim fitting, also aren't usually too long. Worse case scenario is I pay $10-$12 for the shirt and maybe have it brought in by my tailor wherever needed.



                  Don't wear a white or blue short sleeve button-up. You'll look like you're wearing your work uniform.

                  Certain casual pattern shirts can look good as a short sleeves.



                    If "sleeves"=short, then "fabric" = {madras, linen}




                      Stick to something with a pattern whether it be plaid, tartan, gingham, etc. Also keep it slim and cut short and you should be all good. I've had my tailor crop some short sleeve button ups for a small fee.

                      I have 2 Mossimo's from Target and 3 from LEC.



                        Anybody daring enough to rock this short sleeve button up?



                          @trash - Sure, but only in Hawaii where the Aloha (or Hawaiian) shirt is considered equivalent to formal business wear like a shirt and tie.



                            @trash - No, not even in Hawaii. I'm surprised that's part of LEC and not regular LE.



                              I'm in the Midwest and I will gladly wear these when it's warm out. I too prefer patterns over solids. My favorites are from Original Penguin. I find the regular fit is plenty slim enough and are just about the perfect length. I'm 6 ft, 170 and I take a medium. In fact, I'd be worried to try an Original Penguin slim fit shirt, because the sleeves and shoulders are verging on tight in the regular fit. The body is pretty trim too.

                              You can regularly find them at Nordstrom Rack in the $25-$35 dollar range.