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Bonobos Referral Code/Test Website?

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    Bonobos Referral Code/Test Website?

    Here's a Bonobos referral link for any new customer interested in receiving $25 off of $75:

    Also, I wanted to purchase Bonobos new loafer socks, but they were not showing up on the website. When I ran a Google search for the socks it directed me to a different version of the website (with sale items searchable by size), but would not allow me to purchase anything. Seems like there might be lots going on behind the scenes at Bonobos...


    IIRC, they are/were working on making everything sortable by size (including sale items). It sounds like they are/were testing it and probably didn't realize Google indexed it.



      I think you're right. The funny thing is, several of their new products are only available on the test website. They are sending about promotional materials about products you can only purchase over the phone.



        Glad someone got to use the referral link. Here's another if anyone's interested:



          Just used ^that^ one, but here, I'll replace it with another



            And here's another:



              Thanks. I used yours jondunc.

              Anyone have any experience with their slim straight fit vs the straight leg?

              Are these really skinny or apropos?

              Looking for some very similar JCrew's vintage slim fit.



                Also, not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but you receive 15$ off 75$ or more if you follow them on twitter.



                  @MichaelW, I would say that the Straight Leg is comparable to a Levis 501 and the Slim Straight is more like a Levis 514 but with a narrower opening at the bottom than the 514.

                  here's a another referral code for $25 off $75:


                  EDIT: If you are spending more than $125 on your first order, it's better to use code EFFORTLESSGENT, which gives 20% off.



                    Damnit, I want them to post how you can get your own referral code to give to friends WITHOUT having to make a purchase yourself to get that code.



                      Juan, can EFFORTLESSGENT be stacked?



                        @MichaelW - No, but if you are spending more than $125 on your first order, the discount is greater with EFFORTLESSGENT than with referral code.



                          Here is my code if anyone would like to use for 25 off a first purchase of 75.


                          Also, once you make your first purchase, you can still use the code "cowheart" for 15% off as I made a purchase on a belt and boat shoes with that code last week.

                          Finally, I believe MichaelW's twitter code might be a new one for $15 off 75. I followed them back in November and found a message in my inbox for the code "#YOUREWELCOME".

                          This is good for 20% off your order. The 15 off 75 is good if you're just buying one pair of chinos but the 20% is good if you're buying more than one pair of pants and someone should test if it works on suits? (works for non-first timers).