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    AE Parks/Fifths seconds

    Hey guys - I have been eyeing getting a pair of AE fifth ave. or park ave for a while now. I just called a local outlet and talked the associate into selling me a pair of each for $200. I am thinking about doing it on the walnut fifth aves. What do you guys think? I saw a post on Dappered that you can sometimes catch a sale and get AEs at 2 for $300. If this is common I would prefer to wait and get the parks in dark brown too. This would be my first pair of AEs and a big step up in quality for me on shoes Any advice? Thanks in advance.


    Hi Bobcat: I have several pair of 1st quality and 2nd quality Allen Edmonds. 200 dollars for PA is kinda steep for seconds but would be a great price for 1st quality. Get them if you need them now, but otherwise I would wait until a nordstrom sale for 1st quality or wait until they have one of their 2 for 300 deals.



      Where are the 2 for 300 sales? At Nordstrom or actually through AE?



        @bobcat: every now and then the AE outlet stores will have these sales. When they happen, no one knows but this board is very good with letting people know about them. Just keep your eyes peeled.



          What if you're not near an AE outlet? Anyway to get in on that deal?



            I bought a pair of fifth avenue walnut firsts off of a guy who sells AE's on styleforum for ~$245. His username is Allaboushoes. This is of course if you want to shell out the extra 45 bucks to get firsts. Depending on taxes where you are, there could be even less of a gap in price, as the SF guy doesnt charge tax.

            I can vouch for his service, and if you check his seller rating, he has 100% positive feedback. I got my shoes, and they were NIB, and in perfect condition.



              wearing my dark brown parks (1st) right now -- great shoes.



                I think you could get them for a better price. Keep your eye on ebay. You can easily find nearly new Park Avenues for less than $200.



                  From the Allen Edmonds Appreciation thread on StyleForum, someone posted back in February:

                  The best I've seen Park Avenues and Strands on Amazon is 30% off ($225ish). Nordstrom's July Anniversary sale typically has the Park Avenue in black and Strands in walnut for $199. The Strand in black was not discounted.

                  @Bobcat: You said that you talked the associate into selling them to you for $200. Were they being listed at something higher?

                  People like the contrast that comes with Walnut colored shoes, but dark brown is traditionally more versatile.

                  Just a thought: Any particular reason why you're going for two shoes that look nearly identical in form and factor except one is a quarter-brogue and one is plain? Of course if you like those, that's reason enough

                  @JEH: You email either Edward ([email protected]) or Nate ([email protected]) and ask them for a list of shoes in your size and then you can order via phone. They get their information from the same inventory so it offers you no advantage to ask them both. They shipped to me free but return shipping is on you and can get pricey ($25 when I calculated mine) so better make sure you know what you want. Tax may be added anywhere there is an Allen Edmonds store in your state.

                  You can ask them to put you on their mailing list so you get email notices when the outlet is having a sale.

                  Not sure if every model was eligible in that 2 for $300 sale, so keep that in mind.



                    @Drew - thanks for that info!



                      @Drew - I like them a lot and I would like to have a couple different colors of brown that I can wear to work. I also feel lke both would look great with my jeans. Mainly I want two pairs of different brown shoes that are my go to's. I thought about wingtips, but I keep coming back to the parks and fifths. They were at 250 and I asked if they could do better, then they said $200. They didn't really hesitate either. I am thinking about calling and talking to the manager to see if I can get hem down a little more.

                      @JEH - the store I spoke to also has free shipping.



                        You may want to get one pair and marinate in them for a month or two before buying another pair. There's something about it - you think you know what you want until down the road, you change your mind. I think those are really similar shoes too - no harm in waiting and seeing if you fall in love with another style that will cover another range in the shoe spectrum.




                          Thoughts on these?



                            Bobcat, something's going on with the leather on those shoes. I would stay away. Can you wait for their next seconds sale? You'll be able to get them for $150 or less.



                              Thanks bruchetta. I didn't bid. How could you tell?