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Help/Advice, Please. I need your help in the next few weeks...

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    Just because it's a "suit crowd" doesn't mean that you have to wear a tie with it. To be safe, bring a tie with you, survey the crowd in advance (if you can), then decide if you need to put on the tie.

    I, for one, think the suit-no-tie look can be quite stylish. (See: Gosling, Clooney, Statham, Pitt, etc.)



      "Stylish" isn't what you're going for in a business setting



        @Jason - Perhaps a poor choice of words on my part. I should have said that even Obama often sports the no-tie look -- a look that might make canadianeh feel a bit more at ease if the atmosphere turns out to be more casual than he thought. A nice suit helps anyone look good, but he might not want to be the only one wearing a tie. (But be sure to bring one just in case.)



          I would go with the tie. If you want to exude a more youthful or modern look this could be accomplished buy the cut and style of your suit. J Crew does a great job of doing this. As a San Diegan (California), believe me, we are laid back but unless you are pitching an idea to surfers, skaters, or musicians, I would stick with a suit. A slimmer tie might also be a good option.



            Tie all the way. If everyone in the audience is wearing suits without ties, the speaker or presenter had better be wearing a tie!



              Thanks everyone. A lot of great info here.



                I know this is getting slightly off topic here, but I will respectfully disagree with some others regarding the tie. I suggest that you absolutely bring one to the conference, and if even just a few folks are wearing them -- or any of the other speakers -- then by all means wear yours.

                Now, I know that this is the Dappered crowd, and many of us enjoy dressing "above the standard" whenever possible, but if you are absolutely the only one at the event wearing a tie, then you run the risk of looking like you don't quite understand your audience. In that case, you would be standing out, and not necessarily in a good way.

                I am quite confident that others will disagree, but mine is a pretty foolproof strategy: You've got your tie if you need it. Like I said, if even just one other presenter is wearing a tie, then you should, too. But if virtually everyone else is wearing polos and khakis (or worse), then you probably don't want to be the only "boy scout" in the room. Besides, you'll already be the best-dressed guy through the sheer fact that you're wearing a matching jacket and pants. And if it is indeed a "suit crowd," then you'll have your tie ready and you'll look great.

                (For the record, I've seen this before: Guys who come to a conference with a tie in hand, take one look at the audience/other speakers and quickly deposit the tie back into their briefcase. Happens quite a bit, actually. Please note, however, that my advice changes for a job interview. Unless you will be working on a pit crew, then always wear a tie.)



                  @ ColoradoGuy, this is what is so great about this forum, lots of points of view and experience. Because of my build I often feel that I dont look my best in ties. I like the no-tie look, especially since discovering Wurkin Stiffs.

                  Yet, when I speak in public (I used to do this often for work and non-profits I volunteered at) I would wear a tie. Unless I knew the audience was going to present to were surfers, skaters, or musicians, families, etc... and of course the venue. If I was going to do a presentation by the beach then perhaps a cotton suit with no tie.

                  Canadian has mentioned that he's gotten a head's up that this is a "suit crowd". To me that indicates that at minimum a blazer and slacks will be worn by the majority of attendees, yes perhaps some will be wearing a polo and chinos but if Canadian is presenting why not not distinguish himself from the rest, especially if he's there pitching a new business venture.



                    Buddy, this is a no-brainer. You're starting a business, there will be potential clients.... by all means, dress to impress. Wearing a suit makes any man look good, and sets a good impression, which could, possibly, lead to more business for your growing business. Get a suit that fits well now, and if you lose 10lbs you should be able to get it tailored. Make sure you have great shoes to go with it, and a good tie as well... wear the tie. You can always lose it if you must, but you'll look better with it on. Don't f up the shoes part though... nothing looks worse than a man in a nice suit with shitty shoes, it ruins the look.

                    Not buying a suit now because you "might" lose weight is being penny wise and pound foolish in more than one sense. Consider the suit an investment in your business.



                      Also, just because you're getting into better shape doesn't mean your suit won't still fit in a way that is fixable. If you lose belly weight, get the waist tapered. If you are heavy on top as well, mix weight lifting into your weight loss plan and you may not lose much size from your shoulder/chest.

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        Speaking of...expense this suit through the business. If you have a separate account for business expenses, this is the perfect time to use it. I wish I could do that. My wife expenses all of her personal care and clothing as a spokesperson/model/actress. This is your moment!

                        I agree on shoes. I'd get a dark navy suit with brown full grain leather wingtips or captoes.



                          Just an updated.

                          I ended up picking up two outfits.

                          First, I picked up the JCrew Factory Thompson Suit in 42R and 33/32 pant. In my opinion, it fits like a glove. It needs to be pressed, but I'll take some pics and your opinon.

                          Second, also picked up a really nice more casual outfit at JCrew and a Brooks Tie. I was going to go jacket'less.

                          I'll take pics and ask you guys for some help.