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Looking for a inexpensive pair of loafers

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    Looking for a inexpensive pair of loafers

    I keep looking at several pair of driving loafers for very casual wear with chinos and docker like pants to work, etc. But I know the soles would wear too quick.

    Other thoughts similar to this look that are in the $100 and under range? I want a pair of brown and black.


    Did you see this?

    Some good suggestions there.

    This is nice too:

    There is a $10 coupon in the deals thread.



      I actually own those LL Bean loafers. I like the look of them, and though I was worried about versatility (going casual with black usually doesn't work) I've been pleasantly surprised. They look really good with dark jeans. I will say the back of the loafer has given me some issues with blisters. Some moleskin there works wonders there.



        I have a pair of Clarks driving loafers that I like a lot. These:
's+mansell+driving+moccasin?prodId=21190 3&cm_mmc=GPS-_-all-_-Clarks-_-211903&mr:trackingCode=6034EBB3-5B3F-E011-8262-001B2163195C&mr:referralID=NA

        I got them for like $40 at a Bass outlet



          Not driving loafers, but I recently found a pair of Bass venetian-style loafers at JCP for $30. Full grain upper with rubber soles.



            Love Bass Gilmans....the best of the Weejun brand...




              I would go to an actual store (my personal favorites being Macy's and Nordstrom's (Rack also)) to buy shoes. They both have tons of options for what you're looking for in all different price ranges. Going to an actual store for this kind of thing is the best option.



                Some nice choices on clearance from AE:






                If you call one of the outlets, maybe they have them for cheaper and they ship to you for free.



                  I settled for this pair of Dockers for $20 on a clearance rack at Shoe Carnival.

                  Not really the soles I wanted - but for the price I'll make it work.

                  I love the casual distressed tops of the BR Gibson's but knew the driving soles wouldn't hold up.

                  I'll take a look at the AE's and others for a pair of black ones



                    Sorry about the huge pics!



                      Just saw these:


                      Supposedly free shipping with no minimum, SWIMHQ1 (pin 2512)