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Self-service menswear?

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    Self-service menswear?

    Ok guys, so I'm building up the wardrobe, and it's time to get a nice sportscoat. The biggest problem I have in general is that I don't have access to a good tailor. There's a reputable menswear shop not far from here, and they offer free alterations for life.

    They offer the standard names (Hart Shaffner, H. Freeman). So the question is, do I just bargain hunt and spend the money getting things tailored or should I pay upfront and count on better quality? It won't be for work unless I get a new job (I'm the best dressed with a polo), but I do wish I had a nice-fitting jacket for weekends and evenings.


    A postcard from a high-end menswear store in the area listed a Hickey Freeman suit for the same price as their website - $1495 for a 2 piece suit and only $995 for a blazer.

    If you can hack it new, that would be the luxury route. I'm more of a lowercase billionaire, so I'm sticking to the value route.