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Alfani Red Suiting fit?

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    Alfani Red Suiting fit?

    Hello! I'm looking at getting my first suit in preparation for job interviews after I graduate. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on an Alfani Red suit, since they are on a two-day sale right now. I could really use help on picking out sizes for the separates. I don't have a Macy's in my city (despite being in a 600k person metropolitan area), so I can't try them on.

    My most typical size would be a 40s jacket and 31x30 pants

    The issues: I'm often between sizes in jackets (5 foot 7 or 5 foot 8). In thrifted jackets, I almost always need a short jacket, I think because jackets used to be longer in past decades. Some more modern cuts force me into a regular. If Alfani Red lengths run pretty standard, I think I would be best served with a "short." Anyone have any input on length?

    Also, I am often between a 38 and 40. My shoulders often look best in a 38, but my chest measures 41 inches so a 38 is usually pretty tight around the upper back. How do the chest and shoulders run in these jackets?

    How do the pants run? I wear either a 30x30 or 31x30 in jeans and chinos. No experience with suit pants.

    Thanks for the help!


    For reference, I'm a hair under 5ft 6in, 130 -- I remember the 36S (when I tried it on) hitting me just below the knuckle... since Alfani Red's intended to be a more modern cut, you'll probably be able to stick with the short and be okay.

    For shoulders, I'm actually closer to a 35 so the 36 was slightly too big -- there's pretty strong padding on the shoulders so you'll probably want to stick on the low side or risk having the padding jutting out beyond your shoulder lines.

    As far as the pants go... nobody's even going to mistake then for a slim fit (I found the leg taper to be just enough to be classified as "slim", but barely...); they're a bit baggy below the knee. You should be fine in the 30x30.

    Still, my final recommendation is DO NOT BUY THIS SUIT. The armholes are just a disaster. Much too wide and much too low -- the suit raises up just reaching into your front pocket. How Macy's can continue to sell these suit separates as "modern slim-fit" with these armholes is an abomination.



      I'll just put this out there...

      I'm extremely weary of buying an off-the-rack suit without trying it on beforehand (unless you know precise dimensions and have been properly measured, yourself). I guess you've budgeted return shipping into the cost, then it's fine. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I hate having to return things.



        Wildcard: I need a fairly conservative suit since I will need it for interviews. I work out quite a bit, so I can't do anything too slim, anyway. I took some pics of a sport coat a few days ago and the jeans I am wearing are 30x30 Levis 514s, stretched from a week of wear after washing. I wouldn't want suit pants this trim.

        Low armholes could definitely bother me, though.

        Alan: I hate having to return things, too. The suit shopping in my area is pretty lackluster, though. Men's Warehouse, JC Penney, Dillards, and BR are pretty much the local options. BR gets a lot of love around here, but I'm hoping to get something for around $200 (maybe $275 tops) and I don't think I have seen them dip that low. I doubt I will need a suit very often, anyway.



          Alfani Red suits fit like a UPS truck off the rack.



            Why not order the 38R & 40R, a pair of pants or two, and just send back what doesn't fit? Even if you could drive a few hours to the nearest Macy's, it would probably still be better to order it online and pay to return it. You could make a trip, if it's even an option, only to find them out of your size.

            Suit shopping is an iterative process. You just can't get your first suit by walking into a store or ordering one online on the first try. You find what is the closest fit, make a trip or two to the tailor, get home, rethink it all, and do it all over again. I'm on the 4th suit of my adult life, and I've got 6 trips to the tailor logged already, not to mention trying stuff on in stores. There just isn't a shortcut. Don't sweat it! You're closing in!



              At 5'7, I'd be highly surprised if you really need a regular.

              I'm 5'9, and wear a short in some jackets and a regular in others, and that's a 38!

              I'd suggest taking a full body-length picture of yourself in both suits, including your shoes. You'll get a much better sense of the balance.



                Ordering two suit jackets and two pants is a good idea, maybe I'll do that! They seem like they have a good return policy, anyway.

                The closest Macy's is 3.5 hours away, Nicholas, so definitely no trip for me. It would probably be cheaper to just upgrade to a BR one at that point!



                  Avoid Men's Wearhouse, and avoid synthetic (i.e., polyester) materials.

                  Out of curiosity, in what city do you live? If you're pretty new to shopping process, there might be other options that you don't know about.



                    Wichita, Kansas. If you have better options, I would be glad to listen. There are plenty of places to buy a fairly expensive, traditional fit suit, such as Brooks Brothers. People aren't stylish here at all. I wore a black old navy sport coat, levi 514s, and a pair of desert boots to a wedding and I was the only person wearing a jacket besides the wedding party. I think everyone I know either inherited their suits (pleats intact), bought them at JC Penny, or bought them at the Men's Wearhouse (this last one is viewed as the premium option).

                    I'm not new to the shopping process in general, but I am new to suit shopping.



                      It wouldn't hurt to visit Men's Wearhouse, but ONLY to help you determine your most accurate size/measurements. (To be sure, you might want to try on a couple of different brands.) Be careful, however, to not let yourself be talked into purchasing anything on the spot! Some salespeople can be pretty pushy, so be sure to let them know that you're just beginning the process, and that you make it a point to never make a purchase at the first place you visit.

                      In Witchita, you might also want to at least Von Maur, which is a department store that is somewhat similar to Dillards. Finally, while it's pretty hit or miss most of the time, you might just score a deal at Burlington Coat Factory. Most of their suits are pretty iffy in terms of quality and fit, but you can sometimes find a diamond in the rough. (Always try a suit on, and always look at the materials on the tag! Remember to avoid synthetics whenever possible.)

                      Finally, if you find a suit that looks good on you -- take along someone you trust who will tell you the truth if it's too baggy or too tight -- take a minute to feel the sleeve between your fingers. Is it reasonably soft and light, or is it heavy and stiff. If it feels uncomfortable when you're trying it on for just a minute, imagine how it will feel after a few hours. An ill-fitting, uncomfortable suit is simply not worth it, no matter how nice the price.



                        Thanks for the tips! I am somewhat versed in jacket fit, since I have shopped for blazers a number of times, mostly at thrift stores. Just never a suit.

                        I ordered two of the Alfani Red jackets and two pairs of the matching pants in different sizes (all plain navy) and I will see how they fit. I'll probably post pics in the fit questions thread in a week or so, unless they are obviously ill-fitting.



                          @Big-Scooter - Kind of funny what you said about the wedding. One thing I learned is that people in rural areas tend to dress much more casual for weddings. My wife is originally from a rural part of Michigan and we went back there for a wedding. I wore a suit like I normally do and most of the guys were wearing polo shirts and khakis.

                          As far as Macy's goes, I just really don't like it as a store. I think they are way overpriced for the quality you get. The best option there is maybe a Tommy Hilfiger slim fit if you can find it, and that's about it. I understand your store options are limited, but as ColoradoGuy said, you may want to try a nicer department store if the

                          Alfani suit doesn't work.



                            I posted this in another thread. Perhaps it might be helpful here: