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L.L. Bean Signature Makes Me Want to Spend All My Money

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    L.L. Bean Signature Makes Me Want to Spend All My Money

    Seriously, have you checked it out recently? Amazing. Or, at least I think so. You can all decry my foolishness if you so choose, but take a moment to have a gander.
    <ul>These are the three that really caught my eye, but there is a ton more.[/list]

    They have great polos. This is a beaut...[*]

    Beautiful sweatshirt[*]

    These pants are spot on[*]



    Easily my favorite brand at the moment.

    I've bought the Saltwash pullover (in 2 colors), one of the madras shirts, the Maine Std Mocs, one of the flap-pocket tattersall shirts and the burgandy/white Casco polo. Loving everything so far. I've probably got another 10 or so items on my wish list.

    Quality is fantastic. Fit not so much, but that's what the tailor is for.

    Needless to say, my wallet hates me.



      I'd never looked to much into them until being linked over by the main page. I was very impressed with the offerings but wondered about the fit. Fiesta mentioned the poor fit, can you compare it to that of, say, J. Crew? What about the pants, they look a bit wide? All in all great looking stuff



        I really like the LL Bean Signature Wool Trench thats in the Sale section.

        It would pain me, though, to purchase it and not be able to wear it for another 5 months.



          I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy that first polo I linked come next pay day (2 weeks). Going on a trip to Minnesota for a week and that's a perfect shirt.



            I've been dying to pick up that suit Joe's always going on about, the New Traditional I think it is, in the navy.



              Yeah! He just showed it again!

              Gah, I want that.



                I went down to the LL Bean store today (I'm from Maine) and walked around, and had to restrain myself from buying so many things. However, I did get a pair of those pants, which are indeed awesome, as well as some 1912 chinos in a nice green. and they had the elusive 31/29 size, which is perfect for me, but rarely available, so that was the deal clincher.



                  Lucky! 31/29 is the perfect fit for me too.



                    New fall arrivals are up.

                    Tweed sportcoats, flannel suits and a bunch of great shoes...among other things.

                    Pissed that they got rid of the long sleeved madras shirts though.