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    Chareth, I agree with you that the collars and cuffs shrink. The poplin shirt that I have is a non-iron. Do you have a regular cotton poplin? I have no experience with the regular poplin.



      All of my CT shirts are wrinkle free. I haven't had to take them t the cleaners to get pressed yet, so I can't comment on the durability as it relates to dry-cleaning.



        I finally got my shirts in the mail (they were back-ordered), and I must say that I'm very disappointed. I got the 14.5/33, and they did not fit well at all. The neck measurement seemed way off--there was more slack in the collar than any other 14.5 I've tried. There was also a bunch of excess fabric right under the collar that stuck up and made it look like I had enormous trapezius muscles. I bought the tailored fit, and it was somewhat slim, but not nearly as slim as I hoped.

        They will be going back, and I'll have to continue my seemingly perpetual quest to find affordable dress shirts that fit me. The tie that came free was really nice, but I imagine they'll charge me full price for it if I don't send it back with the shirts.



          Did you try washing the shirts first before trying to fit? Unless you got the no-irons, the shirts are supposed to shrink to fit.



            I don't think I realized that. I thought I wouldn't be able to return them if I washed them, but I checked the website and I see that is not the case.

            Have other people had good luck with washing and shrinking them? I'm most concerned about the excess fabric under the collar.



              I just received mine too and I am really happy with it. Got slim fit which is good through the body but the arms are a little large, will probably go with tailored fit next time.

              I got a white shirt and the fabric is nice and not see through. My only complaint is that it is a little short considering it will always be tucked but it works.



                I've got 2 slim fits already, a tailored fit is on the way.

                The slims arent bad, but the arms are a hair large and there is a hair of billow in the rear left. Nothing that couldnt be tailored out easily.

                Cant wait to see how the tailored fit is. I'll probably be placing a couple more orders to get some more staple shirts and the free ties.



                  @hardrain, did you go with the poplin or twill in the white shirts? Some reports elsewhere were that the poplins were kind of see-through (as they are wont to be).

                  I just learned that there are 2 locations in New York (with another coming soon) and another coming soon in Washington DC. People in the area might be able to check out the shirts in person and try them on for sizing.



                    redbeard, I have 2 white poplin shirts and they are very see through. I need to wear an undershirt otherwise you can see the nips.




                      The DC store opens on Friday April 13th - not long to wait for those in the District or nearby!

                      1000 Connecticut Avenue



                      DC 20036


                      Tel : 001 202 594 3529

                      Fax : 001 202 594 3533



                        So I washed the shirts last night to try to shrink them, which worked really well for the most part. The collar shrunk significantly and they are nice and trim in the body now. They would be just about perfect, except they've still got the excess fabric thing in the neck and shoulders. It's really weird looking.

                        Going to have to send them back.



                          Got my first order in a week or so ago and was pretty pleased. The slim fit is trim but not tight, pretty middle of the road I would say. If you have to have that very close to the skin fit then you might wanna try the slim tailored I would say.

                          Just made a second order the other day and there may be a third. Hard to turn down a tie + shirt for 40$ shipped to your door.