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Charles Tyrwhitt shirts?

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    Charles Tyrwhitt shirts?

    I keep on getting their catalog in the mail and their shirts/ties look real sharp and affordable, but I don't know what the quality and fit are like. Anyone had a good experience?


    search the threads for all the discussions about CT shirts. There has been alot



      Good quality at a great price. Tailored fit is really nice. If you need mroe info, check other threads.



        I've seen a couple in thrift stores (not my size of course) and the quality looks good. Many in the forum compare them to BB quality shirts. I just pulled the trigger on two shirts from them $39.50 each and I got a free tie. Here is the link for the sale:



          They're okay. Nothing great.

          I prefer BB extra slim, which fit better than CT and can be had for a similar price on clearance.



            Now is the time to get one if you're interested considering their ridiculous sale. BB extra slim may be a better shirt, but you're not going to find one at $30 plus a free tie and free shipping.



              Quality is hit or miss, in my opinion. It all depends on the fabric. I've had great shirts from there, and some pretty cheap ones.

              That being said, they're usually about $35, so I'm not sure I'm all too surprised some are pretty cheap.



                @Mathis - I agree..

                $40 for a quality 'Tailored fit' shirt + woven tie + FREE SHIPPING = Great deal in my book!!



                  I love 'em. They replaced BB as my "go to" shirt vendor.

                  Their ties are pretty nice too, but i only get them when they are doing a promotion that includes a free tie. Otherwise, TheTieBar is my spot



                    I wear Charles Tyrwhitt shirts regularly. They're a good value, but the quality of the shirt varies depending on the cloth used. For example, I've found that their poplin and twill shirts are of higher quality than their herringbone weave shirts.

                    Some unsolicited advice: the following are the best ties offered by Charles Tyrwhitt in the current windsor promotion:

                    First place:

                    Second place:

                    Honorable mention: and



                      I got this one, but it's backordered:




                        I'll second (third, fourth, fifth, etc) the opinions here -- when you can get them on sale (< $40 each), they're tough to beat. Personally, their slim fit is still anything but on me (their tailored fit's a lot more in-line with what you'd expect a slim fit to be). I've had a few since 2008 that are still alive and kicking, with a loose thread or button here or there. You can do much worse for a throwaway shirt.

                        Short of MTM, I feel like Uniqlo and CT (when on sale) make the best OTR <$40 shirts for daily wear.



                          @brusch -- i have your 1st place tie from a while back -- it's a great choice. Get all sorts of compliments on it.



                            hornsup84, thank you for confirming that I have excellent taste. The compliment is returned to you as well, of course.



                              bruschetta, I'm surprised to hear you say that their poplin fabric is doing well for you. It might be a function of the fact that I get my shirts laundered at the dry cleaners, but they're the ones that have aged the worst.

                              The fabric is getting a bit shiny (from pressing) and it's wearing at the edges. None of my other CT shirts are showing the same age despite the same treatment.

                              My only other pet peeve about CT is that their collars and cuffs shrink more than other brands.