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BR Merino V vs. UNIQLO Merino V?

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    Love the BR fit. I'm 6'2" 230lb on a bad day and they fit perfectly over my dress shirts. I always buy large, although one I bought in 2014 was a bit oversized. Only thing is I'm hesitant to wear them without the accompaniment of a dress shirt or OCBD.


      Uniqlo all the way. I love the fact that they are thin. Makes it much easier to layer under a sport coat. Plus, they are not too hot - just enough layer to keep the chill off without overheating.
      Measurement Reference: 5'11" 185lbs 40R 32x32


        If you want something slimmer through the waist, and with a nice neck, check out the J. Crew and J. Crew Factory Slim Merino V-Necks. The material feels nice, without the v dipping too deep (ala some of the Uniqlo ones):

        You can usually find them for around $30-35 each (not just the final clearance ones), through the various sales that frequently run at least a couple times a month (slight amount of patience, as always with the J.Crew and Banana Republic sales price games, to extract maximum value).


          I own a bunch of the BR ones and like them. I'm 5'8" 145lbs and the S fits perfect. I tried the uniqlo ones in store and didn't really like them. Way too thin imo, to the point that I could actually see the pattern of my shirt below the sweater. To me, the material in the BR ones looks and feels better. Here in NYC you can currently find them on sale in their stores for $13. I wouldn't pay more than $35 for them.


            Did you try jcrew? Buy the best quality you can afford, especially hand-washed/dry-cleaned items.

            I don't have BR sweater but years ago I compared BR, jcrew, and uniqlo, and uniqlo is the lowest quality to my perception.