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Gentleman's Pocket Knife Suggestions

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    Gentleman's Pocket Knife Suggestions

    Was curious if anyone here carries a pocket knife and if so what kind. I've always enjoyed EDC posts but those tactical knives that most of them carry do nothing for me. Then I saw these Laguiole knives with acrylic handles in cool colors, and orange being my favorite color, became a bit obsessed:

    Too bad that is way out of my price range. The natural handled ones are cool but I'm still looking for something possibly less expensive. Any suggestions? Searching eBay for vintage ones produced a ton of results but I have no idea whats good.






      I'd like to hear some suggestions/feedback as well. I'm currently considering a few different knives/multitools. I like the Leatherman Squirt PS4 for its versatility but I'm also attracted to how small and lightweight the Victorinox Classic Alox is (just scissors and blades). I give up pliers (unneeded, really) and a screwdriver (which I'd like to keep), for the size/weight. Don't know if I want to do that.




        A.G. Russell, particularly their Rancher or Ultimate Pen Knife.

        Another option is Case knives. You'll like their Orange Peel Bone knives.



          This is my Gentleman's knife.

          Benchmade "Lerch" automatic.

          You might want to look at Case knives. Very good, very traditional pocket knifes.



            My picture disappeared.




              Spyderco Delica FTW.



                My two "main" knives are both Benchmade (and fairly tactical-looking - an Osborne 940 and a Mini-Griptilian) but I also have a CRKT Kommer 30-30 which is pretty elegant. Nice inlaid wood handles and an elegant shape - a little on the large side. It's very affordable - I think I got mine for $30.





                  I carry a leatherman in my bag... don't remember the model name



                    And since you asked... here is my small collection of knives/multi-tools.


                    Leatherman Juice S2, a high school graduation gift from my brother

                    Benchmade Mini-Griptilian, bought for myself

                    CRKT Kommer 30-30, bought for myself

                    Benchmade Osborne 940, a Christmas gift from my brother a couple years back

                    Classic Leatherman tool, engraved with my dad's name and given to me by him when I left for college

                    Horrid pic but you get the idea.




                      Just wondering is it normal to carry knives in the States? It isnt really a thing here. I have never met anyone that carries one. Has yours ever come in handy for anything, or is it just another accessory?



                        @ Focuspants - I don't know if it's "normal" in the sense that the majority of people do it. I would say probably the vast majority don't - at least, they don't carry them around on a regular basis. But I know quite a few guys who do carry knives - they tend to be more of the outdoorsy, hands-on type. I carry a knife semi-regularly, and I've definitely found occasions where they are handy (cutting open packages, snipping off loose threads and tags from new clothing, etc.). I've also had occasions where I'm not carrying a knife and wished that I were.

                        Laws also vary by jurisdiction regarding the length of knife you can carry. In some states or cities, for example, a knife with a blade longer than 3" is considered a "weapon" in the same sense that a gun would be, so you may have to have a permit to actually carry it "concealed." Some jurisdictions ban "switchblades," which are knives that open automatically with the push of a button.




                          Ya switchblades and butterfly knives are banned here. I just checked our official laws, anything with a blade between 3.5-5" must be carried visibly and cannot be concealed. Anything over 5" is considered a weapon, and you are not allowed to carry a knife at all if you are going to a public meeting.



                            You would be surprised how many people are walking around with a Wenger Esquire or Victorinox Classic on their keychain or in their bag and don't think of them as knives.

                            I usually have at least a penknife or multitool handy, either in my pocket, bag, or car. The only knife I don't carry around regularly is my old M9 bayonet, which isn't exactly pocket-friendly.



                              @ Focuspants - It's often nice to have a knife on you for when you need it, but certain lifestyles make carrying a knife more trouble than it's worth. When I was in law, it was always a hassle to remember to remove my always-there-so-I-don't-even-think-about-it knife from my pocket before I went to the courthouse or through the airport when I traveled (edit: like Tony said, some small ones you tend to not even think of as knives -- until you get to a security checkpoint). After having to throw a couple of not-especially-cheap knives away to get through security, I gave up carrying one altogether.

                              It's not an issue now that I'm a cook, but now I'm never in a situation where I'm not surrounded by various kitchen knives, and I've usually got my knives with me in the car, if not on my person.

                              I'd image the frequency with which one carries a knife probably depends a lot on what one does on a typical day.