Hey guys, first time poster - just found this place the other day, and loving it so far.

Anyway, I live near Cleveland and just returned from buying a new mattress set at Macy's; apparently they have a new rewards card that's going through a pilot program here and I believe a few stores in NY and LA. Not sure if anyone's heard about it, but it seems pretty slick. Basically 1% of all your purchases are 'banked' until you make 5 visits in a year. Once you do that, you get a gift card for that amount in the mail. Unfortunately, the salesman didn't know if online purchases count towards that 'visit' but I honestly doubt it. Regardless, the fact that it's just a straight-up 1% refund with a gift card seems pretty nice. Better than those crap points rewards or coupons or whatever else.

I'm looking forward to hitting up Macy's in the coming months for blazers and possibly a suit - I need a new wardrobe, and I love the Alfani RED stuff. That rewards card would be great for that - anyone else think its a great deal? Or maybe I'm a little biased because I just dropped 1.5k and am getting 1% back?