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For those of you looking at BR or JCrew suits

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    For those of you looking at BR or JCrew suits

    Do yourself a favor and take a look at Suit Supply. I just got a Napoli line suit from there for $469 and it fits me almost perfectly OTR. The only thing I'm planning on doing to it is getting one of the sleeves shortened and pants hemmed. I'll try to post pics if I can, but I can't guarantee anything.

    They have some lines, the Napoli that I got included, that have soft shoulders, which I've noticed is hard to find at this price point. Compared to BR and JCrew, BR seems to have the most shoulder padding and SS has the least. They also have others that have more structured shoulders if that's what your thing.

    Nice touches include functional sleeve buttons, a classic 3.5-inch lapel, a nice suppressed waist, very faint pick stitching. I should note that the pants don't come unfinished, and oddly enough, with heel guards, so be aware -- my 38R came with pants in the 33" inseam range. Anyone with abnormally long arms or legs for their suit size should be somewhat wary of this and the functional buttons.

    Best thing about them is the fact that there is little risk involved with trying them out. If you live in the NYC area, get yourself to the store. It's great there and they have knowledgeable sales staff. If you buy online, you get free shipping and free returns and they mail you the suit in a tombstone-like box that prevents wrinkling.


    I own a Napoli Cashmere blue blazer that I purchased at Nordstroms. Was listed at 1200$ retail and picked it up for 400. Most amazing jacket I've owned.



      anyone know the difference between the classic & contemporary fits? is classic going to be more traditional-looking or more traditional-fitting (not slim)?



        Is suit supply cheap with sales tho? For example, you could have gotten a BR suit for almost under 200 dollars from the friend and family discount (The insiders 50% off then 30% off total purchase one not the Facebook 50% off only public one).



          Yeah that's the biggest difference I see. SS looks like it's a few hundred more when you consider BR sales. Some of those linen blazers are fire, though.




            I saw an interview with the founder/CEO where he said they don't do any sales/markdowns, but they probably will open an outlet to "get rid of slow-selling styles." (not a different line)



              @bdawk23: I haven't tried on any of their contemporary fits, but three of their classic fits. They're not "traditional" fits at all, but also not truly "slim"; more trim fitting than anything else. There is nice waist suppression on the jacket and my 38R came with 16" leg openings. I'd say, the Napoli and London are both very slightly slimmer than a BB Fitz or a J.Crew Aldridge.

              @acoustic: There is no doubt in my mind that outside of a lucky find in an outlet, this has the best price/value ratio for any new suit in the $400-500 range. The fact that you can get a more traditional 3.5" lapel in a trim/slim fitting suit is a bit out of the ordinary these days and welcome in my eyes. It means this suit won't be out of style in 5 years like the JCrew Ludlow will.

              $200 is your price point, this might not be the suit for you, but if $400+ is (like you'd be paying for Indochino, JCrew or BB on sale), you'd do well to at least try a Suit Supply suit on.

              I really have to try to get a picture up, it almost fits perfectly so you guys can see.



                Meh. The reason I love J.Crew and BR suits is because they come in separates. If I'm going to drop hundreds of dollars on a suit, I'd damn well better be able to get pants that actually fit me. Those of us with irregular body types really need the option of separates in order for our suits to actually fit.




                  BenR, that's a good point. I'd say you could easily have these tailored well for up to a 7-8" drop, but more than that and you might not fare so well.

                  However, let me note that they offer softer shoulders than either JC or BB. And they do have a navy suit that actually looks dark blue rather than midnight, which IIRC was something you were looking for.



                    acoustic, you have longer arms, right? These suits might not work for you because of the functional sleeve buttons.

                    To give you a idea, I wear 33" sleeves for dress shirts. The 38R I got has perfect sleeves for me. Well, one arm is perfect, the other needs to be shortened by maybe 1/4".



                      Why can't more suit makers do separates?? My 10-11 inch drop pretty much disqualifies me from anything else. I'm very happy with the J Crew Aldridge thus far though in terms of quality/price. Just have to wait for those elusive sales...

                      Anyone who can reccomend other options besides BR/J Crew in suiting separates?



                        Problem? Just buy two suits and take the pants from one and the jacket from the other! Solved! ;-)



                          Ounce, you can always go custom. *shrug*