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    I use a mid-range norelco that's probably 10 years old. It does the job. I have, in the past, kept my beard pretty short but this winter it's getting bushy, maybe 2 inches or so. At this point i'm mostly just cleaning it up with scissors. I'm trying to let the mustache area grow and it's pretty much the most annoying thing ever. in a few weeks it should be long enough to kinda "train" away from my mouth hopefully.


      Here is a comparison review article to check out: The Best Beard Trimmer


        Originally posted by hornsup84 View Post
        I got this one as well on the interweb's recommendation, and I'm a bit underwhelmed. I had a previous version of a Philips Norelco that performed better in many respects. The guard on this one bothers me a bit (sometimes it catches on hair or pinches skin) and I find that it doesn't give as even of a beard trim. Note that I keep my beard somewhat short (I use the 5mm length), which means I need a legit even trim otherwise it'll look patchy. I may try out a Wahl or similar hair trimmer to see if it turns out better, but haven't gotten around to buying one.
        Following up on this post, I got a Wahl Lithium Ion trimmer and it's pretty fantastic. I don't really need anything crazy, but it does the job well and gives a nice consistent trim.


          Wahl for sure. Lithium battery is convenient, but they end up losing power after 1-2 years. If you have an outlet close to your sink, I would get a Wahl peanut. It's small, does the job better than anything else, and no worries about batteries etc.


            I have been using this Gillette one for the past year. Basic but works well -
            Measurement Reference: 5'11" 185lbs 40R 32x32


              I apologize for bumping this old thread, but I would like to share my experience in this matter, since when I was looking for good advice on this topic for myself.
              You cannot have a beard without using oils/balms (and regular brushing). I use a mixture from a small local coiffure who have been making them at home for the past 100 years or so. I went to several till I found out what suited me best, for example, I used a more rigid one once and it felt like I was carrying a cement replica on my beard, or one was too wet and it curled up my beard.

              If I use an electric razor by Philips it quickly jams due to its attempted extraction of scraggly beard hairs.

              Been using scissors for a couple of years now. Can also be combined with a cheap plastic comb so you can better judge the length that you are taking off.

              The only downside with this approach is that it creates a lot of mess, which earns me a serious scolding from the wife if I don’t clean up after myself properly (in woman speak, that means your best efforts have been ignored and there is one tiny shaving left behind in the sink).
              I like watching a video on YouTube on such topics, I'll leave you one of them here, I hope it will use to someone