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    Tweed, Tweed, Tweed...

    I've never owned or even tried on a tweed anything but as I grow older (ouch) I come to appreciate the look of it. I am looking at picking up an tweed blazer on Ebay but I have a few questions:

    1. What seasons is this material best for?

    2. I see Harris Tweed a lot (they're like the Loro Piana of tweed, right?) come up in searches, should this be the goal or major factor towards deciding on which jacket to get?

    3. What color tweed is most versatile, jeans, chinos, wool pants, etc...

    4. Any specific brands that one should look at for?

    Here are a few Ebay blazers that caught me eye, they very in shade and pattern, opinions welcome. =item519e042ab8#ht_3956wt_902 4.m1438.l2649#ht_1152wt_784


    The first 3 all look like quality options. Don't know anything about the last one.

    Yes, Harris Tweed is like the Loro Piana of tweed. Be careful of Donegal tweed. It's not a protected name like Harris, and can be used by anyone. Another to look out for is Magee, which is the best known maker in Donegal, Ireland.

    In general either look for a quality fabric like Harris or Magee, or look for a quality maker like Brooks Brothers, J Press, Hickey Freeman, or one of the Savile Row tailors. The Italian makers aren't as well known for their tweeds.



      Here a quick and informative article on tweed. Courtesy of Park and Bond.



        Im pretty young and I bought a tweed jacket this winter. I actually really liked it. I went with this one 4.m1497.l2649

        It fit almost 100% perfect when I got it, it was really nice and slim. I like the charcoalish colour, was pretty versatile for me.