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    Opinons on suits from Express

    So I'm on Spring Break, and I am in the market for a new navy or grey suit. Budget-wise, looking for something under $300 [before alterations and stuff].

    I was thinking about going to Express this weekend since they have one of their tiered sales, and it seems to be in the right price range. I figure this forum will have some pretty good opinions [though I am under the impression that they might be negative]. I'm in business school and part of a prestigious program at my university. I know that they suggest Express to us for suits, and I wanted to see if you guys have any thoughts on this/other options for me in my price range.

    Also, I'm looking for good black dress shoes hopefully under $100. If you could help me out with that too, that'd be nice.


    I'm a little easier on Express than some are, but for that price range, you're better off checking the sales at Macy's. Express quality is hit or miss, while at Macy's you can often find a quality, name brand suit for around $200 on sale. Macy's right now is also doing 15%-20% off both online and in store, so there could be some good deals to be had.



      Zack's on target. Also - if you're planning on getting a navy or grey suit, you would probably be better served by a dark brown/chocolate brown/burgundy pair of closed laced captoes. Or even wing tips, to be more forward.

      Express just isn't known for their suits like a J. Crew Thompson or Ludlow. For the value department, I'd aim for Alfani Red or H&M. Depends where you live, too. A Nordstrom Rack or other outlet type store could get you closer on price.



        I'm iffy on Express. If you like the fit, then it's hard to argue with the price (if you can get a healthy discount, anyway). Personally, though, I'm disappointed by their fit - extremely angular shoulders with quite a lot of padding, relatively low arm-holes, and of course the material is not going to be the highest quality.

        The last time I tried on Express suits, though, they only had the producer style - now they have a "photographer" style that is supposed to be more modern (softer shoulders, trimmer fit, narrow pant leg). That would be the style I'd try on if I were you. And if you can, make sure to pick one with as much natural fiber content as possible - a synthetic blend with at least 50% natural fiber could be serviceable, but steer clear from the 100% poly stuff.

        They also sell a lot of black suits, which you will want to steer clear of. Go for navy, charcoal, or mid-grey instead.




          I bought a charcoal grey suit from Express a couple of years ago, and it's worked very well for me. The fit was decent (with a bit of tailoring, of course) and it's showed no signs of poor construction or excessive wear.

          Here's the catch: My suit was better than 90 percent wool, but I've noticed in the last year or two that more synthetic materials like polyester are showing up in Express suits. Now, I don't care about pants so much, but my upper body needs to breathe, darn it! I also got my suit for about 40 percent off, and the big discounts at Express -- other than Black Friday and the holidays -- are getting harder to find. In summary, I really like my suit, along with a couple of Express jackets, but I'm not sure that they're the best value anymore considering the recent increase in synthetics.

          Agree with Ben on colors: Express sells a lot of black suits, so I would go to a larger location if you're looking for more selection. I know that some folks disagree, but black is best for formal occasions, clubbing and funerals.



            You might look at something like this:


            No mention of polyester that I can see, and you might be able to get it for less than $300 if you work the sale/promo codes.

            Try using promo code 1147, which is slightly better than the one feature on the site.


            You also might consider purchasing the jacket and pants separately to see if you can save a bit more.



              CK Online has some great deals at the moment if you stack their sale items w. the Friends & Family 30% discount (friends12).

              There is a classic fit Draftsman Grey Striped Suit in their sale section (listed as separates)



              They also offer a blue (subtle) plaid for the same price-point.

              $150 Jacket

              $60 Pants



              -$63 (30% off)


              $147 + tax

              At this price point (MSRP) I'd expect it to be fused v. half/fully canvassed, but you could buy this for a weekend wedding and get your money's worth. I've had excellent luck with their dress pants and shirts in the past, so it may be worth a look. Good luck!

              ps. I'm glad they don't have my size because I don't think I could resist picking up the tan plaid (a noticeable hole in my wardrobe).



                Most BR suits hit right around $300 with a 40% off. That's the route I would go.



                  I don't really shop at Express, but my limited experience leads me to avoid the place.

                  I miss Structure...



                    their suits have a very box-ish fit. No good



                      Jeebus... $300 for a suit should never have polyester. I would seriously suggest you guys take a look at eBay. If you can get over wearing a used suit you can get one 10x better than BR for the same money, or one 5x better for 1/2 the price.