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Top 5 past choices that were just wrong

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    Originally posted by Matchbook View Post
    Lol. Man, another "mistake" that I actually like. I actually like sweater vests. I think they're BA. If you can pull them off, they can be a super sharp look, imo.
    Until someone convinces me otherwise, I'll say that sweater vests can be a decent sub for a true suit vest, coordinated properly with the suit and shirt of course.

    I have a BR caramel color sweater vest that looks killer with a dark char flannel MK suit that has a subtle caramel stripe.

    If the suit only fit me better... MK not known for Slim silhouettes.


      Biggest mistakes I prob made once getting into clothes more:

      1. Bought 3 pairs of allen edmonds shoes. The first pair never really fit me right. Need to sell the 2 others still.

      2. Bought a ton of ties (like 10) when I got a promotion at work, but never wear them. I seriously rotate between like 3 staple ties right now (grenadine navy, grenadine burgundy, light blue)

      3. Bought a few MTM shirts for too much money ($90) in non-staple colors

      4. Bought a few french cuff shirts. Have never worn them.

      5. Let a brooks brother associate convince me to go with a 38R instead of a 38S in a blazer. The regular isn't crazy long on me, but the short would have been better. $$$

      Mostly though, I think I've been pretty good about purchasing non-trendy staples in simple colors.