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An entire linen suit at H&M for $100

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    I picked up a cotton/linen blend blazer last year at H&M. The quality is ok, and the fabric felt a little better than the 100% linen jackets I tried on. It is 2 button, peak lapel, and also short for the chest size. I don't know if they will do one again this year, but if you don't like the extreme wrinkle of linen it may be worth holding out.



      When I went to the store, they were offering a linen/cotton jacket, but I don't think it has matching pants, and I think its $100.



        Out of curiosity Alan, what would you wear (shirt, shoes) with a linen suit?



          Are you asking what "I" would wear it with, or just in general terms? I work in IT where everyone else around me is wearing polos or baggy OCBD's, and nobody else EVER wears ties or jackets. Most wear Dr Martens or Timberlands to work. So even a casually worn suit would be more dressed up than them.

          Personally: I'd probably wear a linen suit with my wingtips or loafers, and either go tieless (with one of my pinpoint button-down collared shirts) or choose either a cotton or matte silk tie. If I go with loafers, I'd be wearing my braided leather belt, and there's a 50/50 chance that I'll skip the socks altogether. Heck, I MIGHT even wear it (tieless, of course) with my leather flip flops or sandals if I'm not at work or going anywhere with a dress code.

          Categorically: Anything that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's really not that kind of suit. There would certainly be no harm in wearing an OCBD, but I find them to be thicker than pinpoint shirts (and thus warmer) so I avoid them in spring and summer, even though pinpoint is technically considered dressier.

          The jacket can also be worn by itself in any situation where you'd wear a cotton sportcoat.