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Alternatives to Dockers D3 and Gap Loose Fit?

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    Alternatives to Dockers D3 and Gap Loose Fit?

    I'm 5'10", 200 lbs, 34x32. Straight fit pants are too tight around the butt and crotch. The only pants that fit me comfortably are Dockers D3 and Gap loose fit jeans. But, Dockers are so inconsistent. The different D3 styles don't all fit the same. The colored casual styles tend to fade oddly. And, the Gap jeans stretch out by the end of the day.

    So, anybody got alternate suggestions?


    Hey - welcome to the forum!

    I realize I won't be answering your question directly, but I hope to plant some seeds that will help you find pants that work.

    With your height/weight/pant size, there are a ton of options out there for pants. Some folks have more stout thighs than others, but there are overriding themes for menswear that all work for and against us. Skinny legs can have a pretty extreme taper with skinny pants, but if you're not super skinny, it can be disproportionate to have a lot of taper.

    Conversely, boot cut pants that attempt to balance out the thickness above with a flare at the ankles end up looking feminine or just have too much fabric at the ankles altogether.

    Enter the straight leg. It's a universally flattering format for pants because it takes the seat that you need based on the waist measurement, tapers to the thigh, then even more to the knee, then is a cylinder to the ankles. It's flattering because it defines your butt much much better without leaving you swimming in fabric.

    At first, it feels tight in the crotch...even constricting. But after several wears, you start to see that it follows the shape of your body better than a relaxed or loose fit. I know - your first reaction will be that your thighs barely fit into it. Maybe initially. But after a few wears, it stretches. If not, size up to get a large waist measurement. If they are too loose at the waist but fit in the legs, you can get them altered in the waist and seat for $20.

    No matter what you're wearing, you want a good belt that will carry you through the day. The belt should really be an accent piece because well-fitting pants stay put, but we all fluctuate with water weight throughout the day, and pants come out of the dryer stiffer only to soften up over the day.

    Again, I'm useless by not pointing out what pants to buy, but I'm trying to point you in the right direction for finding a whole genre of pants that will spark comments and give you confidence as you're wearing them.



      Thanks, but I've read all that before, and it's not really applicable. I've owned straight-leg pants, and they don't work even after multiple wears or given time to stretch out.



        Where do the Gap jeans stretch out? As Nicholas said, if they fit a bit tighter at first, they should stretch and conform. It sounds like Gap jeans do that for you. Have you ever sized down one size (they will be tight) and then letting them stretch to the appropriate size?

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          When I was larger I wore Levi's 569. I believe they are a looser straight leg. There's a new tapered relaxed jean that Levi's put out as well. The 562 I think?



            I wore 569's way back in highschool. I was going to try some on recently, but they were all interesting colors. Will look again.

            Gaps stretch in the waist and seat. As mentioned by someone else here, they look like a baggy diaper.