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Under $200 Automatic Watch for Engraving?

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  • Under $200 Automatic Watch for Engraving?

    I wanted to get matching automatic watches for my brother, Dad, and myself this holiday, and engrave initials on the back. Can I do this for under $200 per watch, or should I wait for until my budget is higher?

    I was thinking of the Orient Bambino, but... then I realized a lot of automatics have display casebacks. And those that don't often have brand engraving on the back. So is there any watch that would fit these requirements? Or is there any other way to to personalize a watch that I haven't thought of?

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    Orient Defenders are $99 on Massdrop right now. It has a solid back and is a 42mm automatic.


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      When I was looking into getting my movado engraved (graduation gift for college) they recommended engraving on the clasp/bracelet areas since it would be easier to see and read. It depends on the closure and watch type but maybe that is an option?


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        I think this could be accomplished. What kind of watch are you looking to buy? A dress watch or a sport watch?


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          I'm not sure if I'm too late, but there's still around 2 weeks till the holidays. I can't quite comment on the engraving, no idea how much space is required or how much it would cost.

          However, like [MENTION=13934]hockeysc23[/MENTION] said, maybe you can get it on the watch clasp? I'm looking at mine right now and definitely think that would be nice, and they would see it more often.

          As for under 200, I definitely think this can be done. For automatics under 200 I would stick with orient. If you wait.... I generally think the next price point is the 300 to 500 range, which is easily up an extra 1000 as you are purchasing 3 watches.

          The one suggestion I wanted to make was you don't necessarily have to buy the same watch for all 3 of you. For example, say your brother is on the casual sporty side, get him a mako or ray. Say you're older and have a job and more dressy, bambino. And for good ol' dad, maybe a little something extra special? Joe just posted the polaris and adventurer on the Thursday sales handful:

          I know this may come in just above 600 without the engravings yet, but orient has a lot of good choices in the 100 to 300 range.

          Only a suggestion as this is what I did with my family, us 3 definitely don't have the same tastes in watches. But three watches from the same brand? I think that's legit. Plus, you've got the engravings to bring it all together