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Interview Dress Prep - Help!

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    Interview Dress Prep - Help!

    All - first, let me say that over the past few weeks reading on this site, I've been very impressed with the level of expertise in this community. Seeing the principles put into action in the WIWT thread is awesome, so thank you all for sharing your knowledge!

    OK, now that I've sucked up, I'm in need of some help. I have a job interview next week, and have decided to use this as an opportunity to finally pull the trigger on a new suit. I've decided on a grey suit from Banana, but am in need of a solid white dress shirt. I'm looking for slim fit (although, I am not skinny by any means), thicker material if possible (although I suppose I could do the grey undershirt thing if needed) with a spread color and regular cuffs.

    I live in a fairly rural area, but the mall I'm going to has Macy's, Banana, GAP, etc. No Nordstrom. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!


    No matter where you are buying from I would recommend you bring the shirt and get it tailored unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who fits perfectly into a store shirt. With that in mind, lots of people have liked the nordstrom house brand slim fit shirts.

    However, you said your job interview is next week, If you can't get it tailored by then I would just try dress shirts from the different departments to see which fits you best off the rack. I tend to go with BR and GAP slim fit shirts for myself and I can get away without tailoring at 39.5 chest 30.5 inch waist (with some slight excess back fabric). You'll unlikely take off your suit jacket so even if it doesn't fit you perfectly, your interviewer will never know.

    BTW your post made me think of this picture even tho it really isn't related to your question lol



      For a white shirt, you have a quite a few options. Like Acoustic said since the interview is next week, you could look for an Alfani slim fit at Macy's (not great quality but fine in a pinch) or a slim fit shirt at BR.



        @Accoustic - Yeah, I won't be able to tailor by next week, unfortunately. Thanks for the advice - I'll cross my fingers on the BR shirts.

        @runner-guy - Thanks for the advice on the Alfani slim. I'll check that out as well.

        It's been years, but is the 1MX in white worth a look?



          I own a couple of 1MX shirts and they get mixed reviews here. I'll say this. They are great if you're in a pinch. They are 3% polyester so the fabric is thicker. Its also cheaper. Its a slim fit, especially if you get the extra slim, which you may be looking for. You'll likely not have to do any tailoring just don't expect too much out of it. Keep in mind that they wrinkle easily so you'll want to either get it pressed before you wear it or make sure your iron it before your interview. Don't touch it before then and it should get you through the day well. The 1MX shirts are not typically spread collar, so you'll need to get the spread collar shirt if that's what you're looking for. I think they make one. I wish you had more time because for the price of a 1MX shirt you could get a really nice tailored shirt, but it will get you through a tight place when you need it. Plus it isn't see through; the polyester sees to that. I wouldn't count on it as a consistent dress shirt though.



            I think it's 3% spandex now... I could check the tags. It has changed from my old shirts.

            I like the 1MX shirts a lot, but you have to be 14.5/32 or 15.5/34. If you are one of those popular sizes, you're golden. Otherwise, a brand with neck/sleeve sizing is going to be the way to go.



              Just an FYI: Express just released spread collar 1mx in fitted. We just put them out in our store today. They sell it in all the normal colors. We haven't gotten the whites ones in at my store, but maybe you'll have better luck. If you go to the store you'll see them wrapped in a grey "limited edition" ribbon.

              I didn't get a chance to try it on, but from the looks of it, the fit is the same.


              As far as 1mx shirts, I own a million of them. I've had some fading issues, and you need to iron the hell out of them. But other than that, the ones I own have held up. But if you're getting white, the fading shouldn't be an issue. I've got a black one I've had for 3 years. Fabric quality wise, its held up great. But I just got a new black one, and in comparison, the old one has faded ALOT.