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Amazon watch sales - high end or not?

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    Amazon watch sales - high end or not?

    The other day I received an email from Amazon saying they were having a watch sale. I clicked on the link and was taken to an Amazon page listing many different higher end watches such as Tag, Omega (I think) and other names. Many of the watches I clicked on said "order filled by Amazon".

    I'm curious. Are these legit Tag/Omega/Whatever watches? I trust/believe the link actually did come from Amazon. And I'm sure if I did order the watch, I'd get it. But are these actual Tag/Omega watches or should I be skeptical?


    Amazon is a grey-market dealer....similar to how Costco/Sam's Club carry higher-end watches. You'll get a legit watch, but good luck going through the authorized service dealers.

    On a side note, I was at a Costco the other day and saw a nice Omega Aqua Terra for an OK price (nothing that I would have jumped for). While I have absolutely no doubt it was authentic, it did not have a serial number...
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      Originally posted by jwwilker View Post
      Amazon is a grey-market dealer
      Yeah, this is true. The one thing to look for is who the seller is. So preferably it's not just filled by Amazon, but sold by Amazon as well (or another reputable gray market seller).

      I sell on Amazon and shady sellers are frequently jumping onto the listing for my brand and selling a counterfeit product (to the point where it even has another brand name on it). I don't know if there are more checks and balances for watches, but I would assume it's possible for a shady dealer to sell a fake under an Omega or Tag listing.


        Ahhh. Got it. Thanks [MENTION=13232]Boys Husky[/MENTION] and [MENTION=11347]jwwilker[/MENTION]