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Official "How Does This Fit?" Thread

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    Official "How Does This Fit?" Thread

    Has this been done before? I searched and couldn't find anything (other than random individual "Does This Fit" threads...)

    If not, I'll start:

    I just purchased this Land's End Tailored Fit Suit a while back when they ran a 25% off special.

    Generally speaking, I really just don't like the jacket.

    I KNOW the sleeves are too short.

    I generally get a 38L because of the sleeve length, but they only had 38R so I got that with the understanding that I would get the sleeves done.

    Overall, however, it just feels too boxy and wide for me (even though it's the tailored fit; I'm a fairly trim guy). The arms are a little wide as well, but I'm not too concerned about that. I'll just hit the gym! Haha. I think it looks a lot better when it's open (and I'm in movement).

    Otherwise, how does it fit? Do the shoulders look fine (I think they do). What about the chest (I think it fits, though a tad bit too big. Maybe I'm closer to a 37 or 36 but then the shoulders would be too small on most jackets).

    My main concern is the length of the body of the jacket. I actually really like it. It's a tad bit shorter than the prescribed length (where the bottom of the jacket rests in your cuffed hands), but I have abnormally long arms, and by using that standard, I feel a jacket will look too long on me.

    What do you guys think? Is the length of the body ok? Should I just return it or would it be worth trying to take in the waist and lengthen the arms?


    The jacket seems like it needs to be taken in at the waist a bunch. Also, there is probably a lot of extra material under the arms keeping the jacket off of your chest and making you look bigger. Im far from a pro when it comes to tailoring, so im not sure if just bringing in the waist will fix that or not, or if my second point is actually the case. I would wait for more responses. All around the suit is currently making you look much bigger than I think (and you said) you are.



      Jacket definitely looks like it could be taken in, and what's with the wrinkling in the sleeves in the first two pics? You said they're a little wide, but they almost look too narrow.



        When doing this, you really have to:

        -Button the jacket

        -State that you have cut the vent(s) open in the back (maybe you did)

        -Get a picture from the back

        -Get at least one front picture with both arms at your sides

        -A picture that shows the fit of the shoulders with your arms down

        Not picking on you at all, but for the purposes of getting a satisfactory answer, you really have to do that.

        From my very amateur viewpoint, I believe what you've got is a workable suit jacket in need of tailoring.



          I agree with what @nicholas said about taking better pics with your arms at your sides, but I think the shoulders are a bit big on it and it's definitely boxy through the body. Also, are you sure there's enough material to let the sleeves out? Looks like they need about an inch and a half.



            @Trash, I've been wondering about the wrinkling in the sleeves. From researching on the net, this is the closest example I could find of what I believe is going on:

            The caption below says:

            "The same jacket sleeve before (left) and after (right) it was rotated to conform with the wearer's natural arm position.

            Sleeves should hang straight with no horizontal wrinkles appearing on the upper arm; if they show creases then they are not aligned with the wearer’s hanging arm – this can be corrected by having the sleevehead rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise accordingly (if the store tailor says this is not possible it actually means it is not preferable to invest the time needed for such a major alteration)."

            If you're talking about the dimpling towards the forearm, then that's caused by the shirt under the jacket. It has sleeves like a flying squirrel so in relation to the shirt, the sleeves of the jacket are too narrow. It was just the first shirt I came to in the closet. In the other pics you can see that the shirt arm is too wide (look at my wrist). I have to have my shirt sleeves taken in cause I'm kinda skinny.



              New pics coming in about 5 minutes.



                Definitely could be taken in on the sides and you already mentioned the sleeve issue. Is their any collar roll as well?



                  More pics.

                  Note: The pic of me pressing against my chest/abdomen, and clutching the side of my waist are to illustrate just how much room I have in there....I'm not as wide as the suit makes me look.



                    Also note that the seam where the body meets the sleeve sits right on the bone in my shoulder.



                      If you say so... The pic of the back definitely looks like the shoulders are too big to me



                        This thread on StyleForum at one point had three tailors chime in on the fit of suits, coats, pants. Going just to the last page, it looks like at least two of them are still answering it: a tailor and Despos.

                        You may still need to take better quality photos for their sake and full body ones at that, but it's worth a shot if you want a tailor's perspective:




                          I agree the shoulders look like they are sticking out a bit. Maybe like 1/2 inch on each side.



                            I do see what you mean, and I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you.

                            I just mentioned the position of the seam vs the bone as a way to give a general idea of where the shoulders of the jacket land on my body and possibly a starting point to figure out which direction I should go.

                            I'm definitely not an expert on fit or anything (hence my asking you guys).



                              Ya I wish I could give mroe specifics. It is definitely fixable, I just dont know how much it would run you. I lost some weight and am getting back into shape after taking 2 years off from carign about myself :P I had a 42r suit (I am now on the slim end of 40) that I really liked, and I had a tailor save that, mind you the jacket alone cost me about 90-100 bucks to fix. He had to take padding out of the shoulders, material out from the torso/underarm area, bring the shoulders in closer, etc... He basically had to rebuild the jacket, but he did it. Yours needs 1/10th of the work mine did, so I am sure it is more than fixable for a reasonable price.