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    Yea, I thought something was a bit off in the shoulder area as well. Worth a try! I think I'll see what can be found at the local department stores (though I'm not expecting much).



      Any idea why these coats balloon out at the waist like this? You'd think I had a fat stomach, but I swear I'm not holding in my stomach in that last photo

      Just curious if this is a sign of a jacket that's too large. They both seem to fit in the shoulders and I thought that was the key indicator of whether or not a jacket fits. I'm concerned that all that extra ballooning is an indication that there is too much fabric to have to take in/it's too large.

      Coat 1: $8 thrifted blazer

      Coat 2: Hand-me down suit coat



        They just need to be taken in. The first one is better balanced front to back, but it looks like the sleeve needs to be rotated forward to match your natural arm angle.

        Nice photography by the way.



          Went to the kids section of a big department store to try on a few cheap polyester suits, just to give me an idea. I want to know how the shoulders of a suit should look.

          I measured my actual shoulders at 16.5". I want you to comment on the shoulders only, not the rest of the fit. Keep in mind those are cheap kids suits. Also notice the funky carpet. Sorry for the over-exposed photos, I wanted to bring out the details of the dark suits.

          First one, size 14, shoulders measured ad 15.5". This is the smallest I could get into.

          Another suit, still size 14, but 16" shoulders.

          Size 16 of the same suit, 16.5" shoulders.

          For reference, a size 34 from another store. 17" shoulders.

          So, which one's the best ? Honestly, I can't really tell the difference.



            I think they're all just cut and built badly. I think the shoulders are padded oddly and it's causing the problem. The 3rd one seems to fit best... the other two are a bit tight and the padding is causing it to push up then pull in against your arm. The 3rd one still has the dimple at the top of the sleeve, but it's just the big pads.

            For reference, the size 16 Brooks Brother's boy's navy blazer I found has 16" shoulders. I also just found that it fits my 10 year old (except for the sleeves), but he's a big kid



              @Jason : Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but that's the best I could find. I wish I could find a better comparison. Wish we had a Brooks Brothers or something similar here.

              So you're saying I'm built like a big 10 year old ? Wow, I feel tiny.



                LOL Well, it's a bit big on him, and you're a little bigger than that. Give him a couple years



                  I posted a thread a little over a week ago regarding purchasing my first sport coat, or jacket of any kind for that matter. I ended up choosing my initial choice, which was the J. Crew. Corded Cotton Sport Coat in Ludlow fit. I picked it up form the tailor last week after having the sides brought in. Thoughts?



                  For reference I have a 42" chest and 32" waist, which from reading is kind of an odd drop. This was the Large size.

                  Edit: Sorry for the sideways pics, didn't notice until after I uploaded.



                    Shoulders look a bit big


                      Picked up the J.Crew Victura jacket for the summer. I think it looks really nice... Thoughts?



                        @Jason - I was thinking the same. Its does have a good fit on my shoulder though. Is it worth it to take them in, or or bearable?


                          Up to you I guess... It would be $35 at my tailor for them to bring it in at the center seam.


                            Hey dapper fellows, I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this blazer. I got it at H&M ~2 yrs ago (long before I knew anything about dressing well, fit, and style). It's 36R (I'm 5'7", 135 lbs and from my self measurements a 35" chest). How does it fit?




                            I feel like the armholes are way too low. I get those dimples in the sleeves if I lift the arms even a little.


                            Just for the record, I don't really like this blazer (especially with the white trim. what was I thinking?!) and in fact I've only worn it once in all this time... But I have it, so should I try to pull it off or it's kind of a waste isn't it? Or maybe it's just so bad that it get rid of it ASAP?

                            Also, it's a bit late for pea coats, but how does this one fit? It's a more recent purchase and tried to get the right fit. I have a problem with the back vent flaring slightly. It's a Schott 740C size 36R. And yeah... red lining.




                            Maybe one of these days I'll be brave enough to show my face on the internets.


                              hmmmmmm, ithink the fit on the blazer isnt terrible, but it aint great...personally i wouldnt even bother with alterations on it, its verging on really trendy and outside of the club, i dont see much use for it...but that is of personal opinion, the shoulders do seem somewhat larger but not by alot, the proportions from top to bottom are off IMO. and the drape seems boxy and too much material used for your frame.

                              The peacoat is great fit, gives room for the winter layering and still has a nice silhouette

                              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                                Just for the record, I don't really like this blazer (especially with the white trim. what was I thinking?!) and in fact I've only worn it once in all this time... But I have it, so should I try to pull it off or it's kind of a waste isn't it? Or maybe it's just so bad that it get rid of it ASAP?

                                Don't you hate that feeling? You bought it, you have it, you don't wear it, but you don't want to quite throw in the towel.

                                Two options out of many:

                                1) Just get rid of it and be done with it. You'll be able to move on better without that thing hanging around.

                                2) Wear it like you own it despite the white trim, despite the less than stellar fit and whatever you can pick wrong with it because most people don't really see the things you see with it. Just be confident in it

                                That's what keeps me putting on those hideous Dockers D2 pants pictured above. They sure don't fit well, don't look good, but I've got no other "dressier" chinos to wear right now, so I just wear it proudly and tell myself most people don't see that stuff. At least that's what I tell myself, haha