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    Nicholas: The 38 regular was out of stock when I ordered the 40 regular, or I would probably have ordered both again.

    Max and Jason: Thanks for the input! The 38r is back in stock now, so maybe I'll return the 40r and wait for another 20-30% off sale. I can return it in-store, but I don't think they can do an exchange for me.

    I think the shoulders of the alfani suit are too big as well, unfortunately. I don't really understand how my chest is 41 inches and my shoulders are too small for a 38 jacket... I've always considered myself to be broad shouldered. I'll still post pics later.



      It all depends on the cut of the jacket. I've seen several jackets recently where the chest is perfect for me but the shoulders are an inch or more bigger than what fits me well.



        I have one suit right now that is ten years old, purchased from the great George Zimmerman establishment known as the Men's Warehouse, and I had proudly worn this suit a number of times over that period of time.

        But I've only now recently discovered this whole notion of properly fitted clothes and how suits with a slim silhouette simply look better than all-too-common baggy and boxy fit of off-the-rack suits. I'm curious to know if a suit like mine, which was never sold or shaped as a "trim" or "slim" suit can be slimmed down like the photos below it. Or must I start off with one of those "slim" suits to begin with and have it tailored from there?

        I'm basically trying to find out if this suit can be altered to my preference or if I should just budget for a new suit.

        And yes, I believe those shoulders are too big (and especially padded!)

        My suit:

        How I would like the suit to look (the after picture)



        I'm led to believe that the second picture is tailored version of the suit in the first picture. But since it's from GQ, we can't really prove that.



          Even with an alteration in the back of the suit, you'll probably be stuck with the sleeve dimple.

          Frankly, I wouldn't bother with the jacket. If you want to spend $35-$50 on the pants, you could get them slimmed down and hemmed slightly shorter. The pants look really baggy! Just cleaning that up would make a big difference. In the future, you could focus on getting something with a better fitting jacket altogether.

          Even in the grey suit photos you posted below, I find those pants a little too baggy and a little too long. But the sleeves on your jacket are the right length - it's 85% of the way there. I'd wear it when you need it, but I wouldn't spend $70 on alterations to slim it down and try to correct the shoulders. That would be better set aside for a new suit in the future, IMO.



            Wow, nicholas, you found the pic on the right to have baggy pants? They look pretty perfect to me! But I agree that he shouldn't spend a ton on alterations to slim down the suit jacket. I also agree that at the pants should get slimmed. Really Drew, if you can, I would save the money for a new suit. The Alfani suits from Macys aren't high-end but on sale they make a decent purchase if nothing else is available via thrift/purchase in your area.



              I have the same problem with the dimple in my shoulders due to me having a larger figure. I wear between a 44r and 46r depending on the cut, which can draw out the shoulders some. Also, I have big arms and shoulders, which stick out further than my natural shoulder line. So I try and find suits with minimal shoulder padding, almost close to nothing. It can be very difficult to find OTR suiting due to my requirements.



                Save up for a suit that fits you better to begin with. Alterations are to tweak and perfect a fit, not to make something that doesn't fit into something else.



                  Speaking of baggy pants, what is the preferred leg opening measurement for a slim fitting pant? I'm dropping off some suit trousers tomorrow to have them hemmed and I was wonder if I should have them tapered as well. As it is right now, opening should be about 14-15in after surgery. I'm having the pants hemmed so there will be no break.

                  I'm a smaller guy, 36R jacket. I measured my alpha khakis and they seem to clock in at 14in, so it seems I'm about right, but should I go for slimmer?



                    I wouldn't go slimmer than that. Actually 7.5" leg opening is what I ask for (15" around) and that's pushing it for me.



                      Thats what I figured, but I wanted to get it done at the same time if I needed it. They're casual suits so I'd still want them to be able to fit over a pair of desert boots, anyways. Thanks as always, JC.



                        As promised, here are the pics of the Alfani Red navy suit in two sizes. I am wearing the 30x30 pants in both pics, since the 32x30s were obviously too large.













                        They are wrinkly because they were just taken out of the packaging.



                          whatever else I learn from this process, I now know that I need to burn that shirt.

                          Oops, I forgot to wear shoes in the 40s pics.



                            The 38S looks pretty mint off the rack! Could consult a tailor for tweaks, but it's a little hard to see the black suit with a dark background. I think you're in pretty good shape with that.



                              I think both are too big, especially in the shoulders.



                                The 38 drape seems to be too short..the shoulders may not be too big but with all the padding cant really tell, maybe you need a suit that follows your shoulders natural slope. I personally tihnk the fit on both jackets are off, but i think you need to get a more natural slope, the apparent padding isnt symetric with your shape.

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