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    I guess MTM has some trail and error to it? Take a few adjustments to get it spot on? My wife measured me in centimeters vs inches to get the best results.

    I thought the shoulders were big as well. I sent the pics to dragon inside and they agree that the shoulders need to come in .75cm. They also said I need the pants taken in a little to reduce the wrinkle. The tapering and length they say are fine. I do need to loose 10lbs and looking at myself in the mirror i am kinda square framed. Too wide in the middle

    They said to get the suit adjusted and to let them know what the costs are for refund. Props to them for reaching out and making recomendations.

    I hope the tailor here can take in the shoulders a bit. I will respond back once I see him Monday.



        Looking for a casual cotton jacket and picked this up. Too big in the shoulders? Sleeves are a tiny bit long but I can shorten them easily.

        I'm trying to get away from hooded things but I couldn't resist!


          Shoulder might be a bit big, but since they are unstructured it still works IMO. Sleeves are a good length for outerwear, first thumb knuckle is standard. Outerwear generaly covers shirt cuffs


            Originally posted by NewGuy View Post
            As the user name says, here's my first post ever. new to this site in the last couple months and new to trying to dress better/have things fit well in the past few months as well. I've learned a lot from following this site, but I was curious for some input from you guys on a few things. Also, apologies if this turns out to be a double post, tried to post this a minute ago and it didn't appear to go through so I re-typed it out. I'll delete a post as needed.

            So, by the perfect storm of a gift card from a friend for a birthday + a new job + a BIG sale at a local department store, I got myself a pretty nice new suit, or at least one that is nicer than anything I've ever owned before. The tailor in store hemmed the pants a bit, but said the jacket fit just fine and didn't want to do anything to it. I have a tailor I go to outside of that store for other stuff, so I just planned to take the suit to him. I'm curious what you guys think needs to be done to the suit:


            It looks to me like the pants need to be hemmed more and waist taken in? Any other thoughts? Also, the weird wrinkling on the sleeve is a product of the way I had to stand to take the picture, it doesn't usually look like that. Surprisingly difficult to get a decent shot of the suit with my mirrors in my house, haha.

            Also, for the record, here's a blazer I just got back from the tailor. What do you think? Trust him with the suit too?

            Thanks in advance for any advice you guys might have!
            Shameless bump. Sorry for double post, had some trouble with my first post.


              My Dragon inside suit, sleeves need to be shortened.


                I bought this blazer recently. I thought I finally found my elusive cotton blazer. I also bought a shawl cardigan from them.

                There was not a lot of sizing indications, so I took a guess. I'm really not sure about this one. Part of me want to keep it because I've been looking for a similar blazer for ages and don't want to pay to ship back the jacket (not sure, but I guess it would be around $15).

                On the other hand, I'm really not sure about the fit.

                First off, a few observations of mine :
                -"Button fastenings on the cuffs" means functional buttonholes. I don't know if my tailor could do something, I don't mind spending a lot on tailoring.
                -Sleeves are really tight. Not very practical since they're unlined.
                -Vents are not open on the pictures, can't risk it if I'm returning it.


                  Jessy, that blazer really doesn't have a flattering fit.
                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                    Opening the vent will help with how it fits through your midsection but I am not sure it will be enough. The sleeves are pretty bad too. I would ship it back.


                      Thanks guy, I'm returning it. One day you'll be mine, navy cotton blazer.


                        Hey gents. Bought my first Pea Coat from Lands end. I usually wear XL's as I am a bit heavy in the belly unfortunately I sized down to a large, fits great in the shoulders, chest and mid section, but I am worried it is to long.

                        I know Pea Coats should just cover your butt, like a sport coat. To me it seems to be about an inch to inch and a half below that.
                        I included two pictures, they are mirror cell phone pics as I do not have a camera. Hopefully, they are not too terrible to offer an opinion.


                          Suit critique?

                          Sides: /

                          I'm thinking the following, do you guys agree?

                          Shoulders: +0.25" each side
                          Chest: +1.00" (some slight bowing)
                          Waist: +1.00"
                          Sleeves: -0.25"
                          Length: -0.50"
                          Pants: Any suggestion on how to fix the pants bunching (most obvious from back view)? How should I get them to taper better?



                            How does this jacket fit?

                            Just bought this jacket, how does it fit?


                              Suit critique please.

                              Front -
                              Back -
                              Side - /

                              My thoughts, what do you guys think?

                              Shoulders +0.25" each side
                              Chest +1.00" (slight bowing)
                              Waist +1.00"
                              Length -0.50"
                              Sleeves -0.25"

                              Do you guys have any suggestions on how to make the pants more tapered? The back view shows a ton of bunching. Thanks.
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                                JCP wool blazer.