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    Bruschetta, the tie's gorgeous, the photo's just terrible.

    It's this one:



      @adivvela -- I'm going to disagree with bruschetta somewhat on this one. First, although this is more on the line than any of my other comments, I think you could probably size down in the shoulders a tiny bit--I personally like my shirt shoulders to end where my shoulder bone ends (not where my shoulder muscle protrudes out to). For more actual comments: Unless it's the lighting playing games with me, it looks like you have a significant amount of extra fabric through the chest. The waist/seat area looks good if you plan on tucking it in; however, the last button looks like it is pulling quite a bit to get over your pants. It may be the picture and wrinkles from shipping, but it also may be worth getting one more inch in that area, depending on intended use and how it feels to you.

      @hon -- Great fit on the shirt and I love the tie. It won't win over everyone on here, but I think brush's comment was bc of the colors on the webcam making it look more of a pink/fleshy color than the actual Hermes red color (also makes the shirt look purpose on my screen).


        Happy birthday to me! My Ratio shirt came in as well. In general, I'm very pleased with the presentation, fabric, and construction. Initially, I think it's as good a fit as any shirt I own. I think the arms are a touch long (though they may shrink). Do you see some bunching on the front of the shoulders? What's causing that? Or am I being too picky?

        Also, what's your quick take on this Joseph Abboud navy blazer I found at a local Nordstrom Rack? I think it's this model. Sorry about the flash.

        Had to send the Tyrwhitt blazer back because it was a touch short and the lapels didn't sit flat and it was shorter than advertised. I returned it to exchange for a 40L, but it's stocked out (who knows if they will ever get it back in stock). This blazer is a touch over 30" which is workable. It's made in the USA, seems to be half canvassed and is $239, so a similar price range. I need to try it on with a dress shirt, etc.


          Hopefully not a cross-post, but I had a Black Lapel suit arrive today.

          More details on the BL suit here: SuitSupply navy Napoli in 38R is in the mail for a comparison and I plan on keeping one of the two. Any glaring fit issues that you can see?

          Also had the J Crew Factory in wool arrive earlier this week 38 and 40R.

          38R (ignore the pants):

          40R (ignore the pants):

          Planning to return the 40R and get the 38R nipped in the waist and shortened in the sleeves unless I hear otherwise from you all. Oddly enough, the poly Factory suit fit great in a 40R after a little tailoring in the jacket waist and sleeve shortening.


            redbeardedmike, I like the ratio shirt. The blazer looks okay, but it's hard to tell how it fits since you're wearing a t-shirt.

            jdizzy, the Black Lapel jacket has a nice silhouette. However, it does not fit you in the shoulders. The length of the jacket is spot on. The collar is a bit wide for your neck. The trousers are 1-2" too short for my tastes.

            The J Crew 38" fits you well. The sleeves could be shortened and it's a shame that the lapels are so small. For an off the rack fit this is excellent.


              @bruschetta, thanks for the feedback. You're saying the shoulders of the Black Lapel jacket are slightly too big?


                jdizzy, I don't know why the shoulders have that strange horizontal dimple. It may be worth asking a tailor why it's there.


                  BR Tailored Fit Jacket 38R:

                  What do you think?

                  (a) too small -- size up to 40R

                  (b) too small -- have a tailor let it out a bit

                  (c) just right

                  (d) other ...


                    Please cut vent threads and re-post. Looks like pulling, but can't tell with the vents closed.


                      @Kenneth: Good point, but I'm hesitant to cut vents in case I need to return it ...


                        @super, in my opinion there is no new to cut the vents. That suit does not sit on you well. It's not necessarily too big, it just sits poorly on the slope of your shoulders.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                          Got my new ratio shirt and thought I'd see what you all think. I really like it and think it fits really well (outside of the sleeves, I was thinking of adding 1/4 - 1/2"?) but am kind of new to all of this so wasn't sure.


                            This isn't so much a "how does this fit" question as it is a "can I do anything about this," I guess, but it seemed close enough and I didn't want to clutter up the board with a brand new thread for it. So hopefully I can get an answer here.

                            I found this tweed Kenneth Cole blazer on the clearance rack at Ross for $21.00. It's a 60% wool blend, but it looks and feels pretty nice regardless. And it fits me pretty well. And -- once again -- it was $21.00.

                            But, as you can see, the fabric bunches up at the bottom. It's like the front of the jacket stretched out but the lining didn't or something, so it's folding back up on itself. When I put it on, if I pull at the front there for a minute or two, I can straighten it out, but it doesn't really last. It's like there's slightly too much fabric on the bottom front of the jacket.

                            Can a tailor can do anything about that? And if so, would that be a fairly simple (and cheap) fix, or would they have to pretty much restructure the whole thing? Alternately, should I try to stretch out the whole thing and see if I can get it to lay flat that way? (Like... clip something heavy to the bottom of the jacket and hang it overnight or something? I don't know, that might make it worse.)

                            It's heartbreaking to pass up something like that for $21.00, but if it's going to look like that, it's obviously not wearable. Thoughts?


                              nerdland, Do you own a steamer? That's what I would try. If not, I would take it to a tailor for advice. Advice is free.


                                I don't have a steamer, but I've got an aunt who lives down the street from me and she has practically everything. I'm pretty sure she has one. I'll give that a try, but I'm not sure if that's what's causing the problem. It isn't a wrinkle, per se. I feels more like the fabric doesn't line up quite right.

                                Since I got it at Ross, it's quite possible that it was a factory second. Which would also explain the outrageously low price. I don't see any indication of that on the blazer or tags, but I wouldn't completely doubt it. Still, if it's something a tailor can fix for less than $50, it's still a pretty nice blazer on the cheap.