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    See, THAT is the difference you get with tailoring. It no longer looks like you're wearing your big brother's blazer. It fits properly in the chest and waist and is right in the sleeves. Great open quarters.

    My rule on patterned SCs (which applies less strictly with this given that the herringbone is subtle [yet gorgeous]) is to keep things solid around the patterned SC. I don't really like the gingham with it, but that could just be me. If you had the gingham AND a patterned tie with the herringbone, that'd simply be too much. I see a simple light blue shirt working wonderfully with it.


      @itsm: The first blazer looks very nice after tailoring. For the second one, I'd just take up the sleeves and leave the rest of it alone. The waist/sides look fine to me.


        Json - Looks really trim with the tailoring. Do you need longer sleeves on your shirts, though?

        bruschetta - I totally missed your response! And have no idea about the movie reference. Sorry to let you down like this.


          itsm3json, The navy blazer is a great casual blazer. The sleeves look a bit too long, or your shirt's too short.

          I love the herringbone pattern on the BR blazer. That fit is darn good for a jacket that hasn't been tailored.

          nicholascrawford, It's from the original Spider-man movie. I'd like to point out that you directly quoted my entire post, but Jessy gave YOU credit for the content of that post. Sheesh.


            thx guys for the feedback.

            nich & bruschetta - I had the sleeve button on the 2nd button, but after putting it to the first one it shows 1/4" of sleeve


              Jessy knows what he's doing!


                @bruschetta That was the point! I'm on my way to the tailor by the way.

                @itsm3json I love both jackets! I'm actually looking for the exact same two (casual navy and brown herringbone). Too bad BR Canada don't carry my size. They start at 38 and I'm a 34S-36S.


                  @jessy - I am pretty pleased w/ both of them. The navy was the jcrew thompson from earlier this year. That is too bad that you need a 34/6S. If you needed a 38S I also had one of them but returned it for the regular.


                    Just got my Thompson suit today, looking for thoughts on the fit right now. Haven't owned a suit in about 10 yrs. And not really sure what to wear with it as far as shirt/tie go.


                      realized I should also mention I'm planning on wearing this to a wedding, in about two weeks. I don't wear stuff like this for work or anything, I'm an electrician, and fairly new to the fashion world.


                        I'm certainly no expert, but it looks like a really good fit to me.


                          Just saw this on Lifehacker - thought this would be a great place to dump it:

                          1. Shoulder pads end with your shoulders.

                          2. Your flat hand should slip easily into your suit under the lapels when the top (or middle) button is fastened. If you put a fist in, the

                          suit should pull at the button.

                          3. The top button of a two-button suit — or the middle button of a three-button suit — should not fall below your navel.

                          4. With your arms at your sides, your knuckles should be even with the bottom of your jacket.

                          5. Jacket sleeves should fall where the base of your thumb meets your wrist.

                          6. Between a quarter and a half inch of shirt cuff should be visible.

                          7. One inch of break.


                            OK, this isn't really a true fit question, but it's more about what goes together or not. so: MATCHING LEATHER COLORS!

                            I currently spend 90% of my time wearing one of two dark brown belts and dark brown drivers or dark brown dress shoes. But, I'm considering buying saddle tan drivers from cole haan ( as an exclusively casual driver. If I'm wearing them casually do I need to worry that they are a lighter/richer shade of brown than my belt (for reference, one is the j crew plaque belt).

                            Also, regardless of the answer to that question, what about watch straps? I bought the Boss Black watch that was on sale (AND IT IS GORGEOUS, although I prefer 36mm watches), and I need a strap I can wear with my brown belts/shoes.

                            My options:

                            1. The cheap-o: $12 Blue/White/Blue 3-stripe nato strap. Preppy, wouldn't wear it with a suit, but I'm in grad school, so no need. And, frankly, I think it might add some pop to the blazer/khaki combo that I wear when I need to dress up. And navy goes with everything.

                            2. The manageable brown strap: $25 Brown strap. It's not going to match the color of my belt that well though. Lighter and richer in color.

                            3. The true color match: $34 Brown strap. It's almost the exact same color as my belts (ok, maybe a tad lighter, but not enough that I would care), but I really don't want to have to drop $34 on it...

                            4. The where-has-all-my-money-gone: Buy straps 1 and 3.

                            So what do people think? Can I get away with the slightly-off brown leather strap match, or can I go with the NATO strap to totally avoid the issue? (or is that just too casual for a dressy watch w/ a silver face...)

                            Thanks so much!!!!!


                              @Jarja - That is a GREAT fit! Can't see the trousers, how is the break? I don't see a single thing that I would tailor.

                              @Hon - You're overthinking this big time. I wear a black face/ black band watch with brown shoes and a brown belt almost every day. It's not a big deal. Apropos of your bands, though, I like #3 best, but that's de rigueur of the most expensive! lol.


                                Thanks Kenneth, that's actually what the tailor said too(first time going to a tailor). He's going to shorten the pants as they were a bit too long.

                                Now just to find the rest(shirt, tie, shoes, possibly a ps)