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    My CT white poplin shirt came in the mail. The shoulder seam ends before my shoulder. Should I return the shirt? I'm having a hard time finding a shirt that is slim in the waist, but will fit my shoulders. Perhaps Blank Label or Ratio?



      The shoulder seam lining up is more important in jackets. How does the rest of it feel? Does it move okay with you when you lift your arms, etc?



        The shirt fits decently for OTR. My mobility is not limited, I'm just worried it will look weird.



          Doesn't look weird at all. Seems to fit well in the neck, maybe a little long in the sleeves. Depends on how you like it.

          If you sized up in the shoulders, you'd be swimming in the chest and neck. Did you go with the Slim or Tailored fit? Depending on your preference, you're either right on the money or could go a little slimmer with the shirt.



            Thanks for the input, guys. I'm going to keep it.

            I got the tailored fit, so that's as slim as it's going to get with CT. I need to lift some weights and eat more.



              Hey guys, Took a quick couple of shots with some different brands sizes I am experimenting with. I thought these looked pretty good considering they are all OTR. Please pardon the incomplete look, I wanted to get an idea of what you all thought before I iron them and get them ready for wear.

              This one I felt the shoulders are a bit low, but overall good:


              Another shirt:


              And another:


              Finally, the BR Blazer:



              Appreciate the help!



                The shirts are all okay... The BR blazer fits well through the body, but the shoulders are a bit wide.



                  Hi Dru - I think you're pretty well set. Even if it looks weird, it would help to button the top button on the shirt when assessing fit.

                  Pink check shirt - I agree about the shoulders, but I bet if you went smaller, you wouldn't be able to button the collar.

                  BR Blazer - Looks like it fits well in the shoulders and in the waist. There's a little bit of a rumble on the shoulder. I wonder if that's your neck pushing the coat's collar out. You've got a little extra fabric in the chest that's buckling a little bit. I would ask a tailor to see about altering that. If it's doing it in the front, it's probably doing that across the back too. Fixing the back may fix the front. You're also buttoning both sport coat buttons - you just want to button the top button.

                  The waist and hips look like a great fit for you. The sleeves are a touch long and should show some shirt cuff. That's a cheap alteration and well worth it. I think you selected the right size.



                    I think it's just cut with a swelled breast. I think it looks much better buttoned than unbuttoned, so make sure you do so when you stand up.

                    I'd say see about getting the sleeves shortened a bit and see if your tailor feels comfortable bringing in the shoulders at the back center seam.



                      Appreciate the feedback. Very helpful as usual!



                        Here's a great post on how a jacket should fit:




                          Received the famous linen H&M blazer from my friend. Size is 34, the smallest they got. I know the sleeves are too long, but how about the rest ?



                            It looks too big in the shoulders. The waist is too big, which is fixable, but the shoulders wouldn't be.

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              I'm starting to think that if even a size 34 from H&M won't fit, nothing will...



                                I agree about the shoulders. Another pic to work with?

                                You've got quite the challenge to deal with between shirts, suits, and shoes. I would be looking at the custom route very seriously at this point. It may be very worth it to save up for one spendy purchase in that department.

                                I picked up a catalog from my tailor today with yet another custom clothing option - there are a lot to choose from.