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    thank you guys for the responses (especially you greg s - that one made me literally lol)! i think the fit in the shoulders and chest is due to the fact that i've been regularly going to this boxing gym (no i don't box but it's a boxing-focused workout, lots of pushups, burpees, situps, bag work; it's a great workout).

    matt - have you given j crew factory a chance?


      @itsm3json - I like the gray, and the seat doesn't really look too tight. If it feels a bit too tight, I'd stick with it and you'll get used to it/it will stretch. But if it's way too tight, maybe you should size up.

      Also, is the shirt from Target? I like that a lot.


        json - The grey pants look great. If they feel great, I would keep them. The blue pants look too long, but the seat fits well.


          I decided to give Indochino a try and here is the result for the remake. The first try was ridiculously off and I know the color of the remake doesn't match the original pants, but how does the rest of it fit? The vents are cut but I don't feel that it drapes well in the back b/c it's showing all my "junk in the trunk" or is it just me? If not what can I do to correct that?


            Thx thmage & nich for the feedback.

            - themage the shirt is also from target as well


              My first SuitSupply suit arrived today. Thus far, the quality of the fabric, styling, and the fit have all blown my expectations away. I'll have to take the trousers in for a hem, and the belt I ordered from SS - although nicely coloured and well constructed - is too big. I'm also thinking that the jacket should be taken in at the sides to give it slightly more shape, but I worry about 'skirting' (a term I just made up to describe the lower quarters of the jacket flaring out).


                Ursus, that's an amazing off-the-rack fit. It looks far better than your Indochino suit in every area. You look tall, thin, and muscular. Nice work!


                  That does look really good.

                  To your concern - when you bring in the waist, it's common to bring it in at the hips too via the side seam to keep it from flaring there.


                    Gentlemen, I want another opinion about the Charles Tyrwhitt blazer I posted a couple of pages back.

                    I tried on the Fitzgerald blazer at BB yesterday and I"m just between sizes they have in the store (I think I'm a 39). Still, it's a trimmer fit and I know it fit a bit more snugly. The salesperson pointed out that the lapels on the Fitz blazer in 38 did not quite lie flat. I got home and tried on the CT blazer again and I notice they aren't quite flat either. It's subtle, but do you think it's notice-able? Does that mean it's too narrow in the chest? I'm worried that the 40 wouldn't fit in the shoulders...


                      redbeardedmike, is there a tailor whom you trust to give you an opinion? That would be more helpful than our feedback.



                        Radial lines around your top button, lapels are not quite flat AND your top button is located all the way in the corner of the button hole - these are all signs of pulling.

                        It's not severe so it's up to you if you are comfortable with it.

                        I (and many who come to this forum) notice but others won't.


                          Thanks for your opinions, guys. Yes, I did take it to a tailor. He said the back was clean, the jacket wasn't too long, and he wanted to take in the waist, lengthen the sleeves, and said I'd be good to go. I hadn't noticed the lapel issue at the time, so I didn't point it out to him. He does a good job doing what I tell him, but I'm not sure I'd trust his take on this. I might take it to the place where I took my tux a few months back, as that guy knew his stuff a bit better.

                          I realize I'm tryng to feel better about the fit, but really, after trying on the Fitz, I know this doesn't fit quite right. I'll get Tailor #2's take, and find out from CT how much the shoulders and chest change going from the 38 to the 40. I may exchange or I might just flat-out return it and wait for the Fitzgerald to go on sale.


                            Picked up the AE Tweed blazer today to try out.

                            I was surprised to see that my local store had

                            them in there because online locator showed no

                            store in my area had them.

                            This size pictured is a medium but after seeing

                            the pictures I should size down to a small.

                            Only thing with the small is that is definitely

                            shorter in length - it barely covered half of my

                            bum. What do you guys think?

                            - I'll update again w/ pics of the small


                              If the small is shorter, I honestly wouldn't bother. That is short. And doesn't fit you well. A cheap blazer is nice, but only if it fits my man.

                              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                                Thx greg.

                                I had a chance to stop in after dinner and get the small.

                                if fits great but the length is short, right?