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    From a quick glance, the pants hemmed and the sleeves shortened, but other than that it looks like a pretty good fit. Not sure from the photos if there is more room to bring the waist in but honestly, I really don't think it needs it.


      @Berret: Ah....I still haven't gotten around to having my tailor check it out yet lol

      @Jake: Could be....unfortunately it was a really good deal that I jumped on and matched with my BR blazer fit. Non refundable so I'm stuck with it regardless


        @hunter, overall it looks solid. What bere09 said, hem pants and shorten sleeves (your shirt sleeves appear too long). Looks pretty good through shoulders, chest and waist (I'm not sure I would pull the waist in more). What is going on with those lapels though? They look like they need to be pressed differently.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


          thanks for the feedback guys

          @greg, i'm not sure about the lapels, the whole suit seemed very wrinkled when I took it out of the box (right before that picture was taken), perhaps that had something to do with it? In any case, after I posted, I saw that the factory worsted wool suits are now available online, and managed to get the navy blue one for just under $200, so I may just return the charcoal suit. I'd imagine the two suits should have the same fit, so I'll keep the advice in mind when I go to the tailor.

          also, how do you get wrinkles out of a suit without dry cleaning it?


            First-time poster here, so please take it easy on me. ;-) Here's a picture of me at my wedding in my just-bought summer suit in July 2007. Now, I hardly ever wear suits because my job NEVER requires it (I'm a wildlife biologist) but I would like to keep this as my go-to summer suit that I can start pairing with more colorful shirts and ties. My wife and I bought it at Men's Wearhouse (yikes!) when my wife (then fiance) guided nearly all my clothes purchasing decisions (she also bought me my only other suit, a nice navy Joseph Abboud that I like, as well), so back then I had no clue about all the stuff I've been reading lately on men's style blogs. My question to you guys is, are the pants salvageable if I take them to a good tailor? I still like the color and jacket fit (although I think it should also perhaps be slimmed up a bit?), but the pants are definitely too baggy, right? Should a decent tailor be able to take those in? Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice, and again, please take it easy as I'm very new to this kind of stuff (actually paying attention to what I wear and developing my personal style).


            EDIT: Alright, guess I'm not very tech-savvy, either. How the heck do you post photos on this thing?


              Just use the < img src""> tag. With no space between < and img.

              Truly, I think that's a reasonable fit in the pants for you. In the future, I would buy a smaller jacket size (42R instead of 44R, for instance) but in a generous cut that accommodates your midsection. The suit jacket is too wide in the shoulders, but you already have it, so just wear it. Tapering the pants would wind up unbalancing the look if the jacket is roomy but the pants are slim.

              For your next suit, look specifically at two-button suits because they accentuate your upper torso whereas a three button suit draws attentions to all the buttons and to your midsection. Plus, a darker suit like navy with a white or light colored shirt draws attention up and slims too. Just getting to know what works for your body will help you look your best and feel good about at the same time.


                @NC - Thanks very much for the detailed reply. Yeah, I definitely need to figure out how to find clothes that fit my body type and that don't draw too much attention to my midsection. ;-)

                I see you live in San Francisco. I'm in the East Bay myself...where do you like to shop for clothes around here? Not that I have any time to go clothes-shopping as a father of twins. :-o

                @bere09 - Sweet TARDIS iPhone case!


                  I just moved here in April, so I'm not a credible source! But there are 40-50 Old Navy stores within an 90 minute drive of me, not to mention so many other stores. I like Nordstrom Rack, Express (more of a guilty pleasure), and I've visited the Levi store in the city. I'd like to go to the Hickey Freeman and Allen Edmonds stores just for kicks too.


                    @Hunter: Are you buttoning the 2nd button on that jacket? It either has a very high button stance or isn't opening up on the bottom like I'd expect.


                      @Matt, I dunno if you're near Dumbarton, but Stanford shopping center is pretty good. It has a Macy's, Banana Republic, Nordstrom (I believe), and probably more. But you're wife would certainly like it, there's a lot of nice women's boutiques.


                        Hey guys, I didn't want to open a thread for this question but which color of the Calibrate Gingham shirt do you think is more versatile navy or the black one? I have a charcoal suit and want to get a navy one by the end of this yr but do they both go with a charcoal (jcrew factory) suit?



                          hey all, picked up some new blazers recently and would appreciate some feedback

                [email protected]/7626197590/

                [email protected]/7626197504/

                [email protected]/7626197444/

                          the first one is from the gap, picked it up from one of their online sales for $35

                          the second and third are from banana republic. they were already marked down and they were going at an extra 25% off - one was $135 and the other was $90 (a little pricey for my taste but the fit and quality seemed to be pretty nice)


                            @Pitt_10, I dunno how dark the charcoal is, but if it's dark like mine, I don't think the black would go well with it. I personally think navy is going to be more versatile, both with suits and without.

                            @Bobby, They all look like they're pulling a bit at the buttons. Is is possible to set up a camera on a timer, so your arms are at your side? Though the middle one seems best from the looks of it.


                              ah, i see what you mean thmage. i'll try to retake the pics - first time doing this! lol


                                I picked up 2 BR blazers today and would appreciate

                                some feedback. I would like to keep only 1

                                - both are 38R, 100% cotton, tailored fit

                                blazer 1:

                                - thicker than blazer 2

                                blazer 2:

                                - thinner weight, with micro stripes that aren't noticeable unless up close

                                @bobby - I think I may have picked up a similar one/same one