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    Tommy Hilfiger Trim Fit Tuxedo from Macy's.

    Peak lapels are more "traditional" so I ordered one online after bringing home the notch lapel version from in-store. The peak lapel jacket has slanted pockets as well.

    I feel like the notch lapel version fits better but I'm partial to the peaks because of it being more "traditional".

    Which would you wear?


      Glen -- I think if you're actually owning a tuxedo, you're pulling teeth between lapel styles (personal preference governs). I have a notch lapel tux and no one would ever think twice about it in this day and age. Currently, I'd probably say that the peak lapel would stand out more (and shawl collar stand out even more), as most suits are notch these days and that's seen as standard.

      A note, since we're in the 'how does this fit' thread, at least from these pictures, it seems that the shoulders may be a little bigger than I'd personally go. That or they're rippling a little bit already, which isn't ideal. For example in the last picture above, it almost looks like you can see where the shoulder pads start / bump up when tracing your shoulder line from the collar. Can't tell if that's a sizing or a quality issue.


        @hornsup84 - Thanks for the insight. I suppose you are right in that the lapel style shouldn't matter too much by today's standard. I tell myself that 99/100 people don't know or care.

        Unfortunately for me, Tommy Hilfiger suits have strong shoulders while I have "weak" shoulders.

        Any recommendations for Tuxedos in the ~$300 range?


          I got mine in college a few yrs back and it's Jos A Bank and I use it for all sorts of events and get compliments. It's more about fit than anything with tuxedos, as they're meant to blend in with everyone else's. Looks like you get get tux separates from them (they have lapel options, etc. too) for under $300 currently.

          I'm sort of in the market to upgrade to a custom tux, mainly bc with my job/location I've found I'm wearing it a couple times a year for events. However the JAB one worked great for me for years.


            just got this express stretch wool blend producer suit in charcoal 36s for ~$160 during their sale. i'm pretty happy with it, the bit of stretch in the fabric is quite nice. i recently purchased the jcrew thompson in charcoal during their last sale in size 38r hoping it'd fit but i was swimming in it, so i had to return it sadly. dress shirt is a banana republic slim fit stretch shirt (sticking to the stretch theme). do the sleeves appear to be too long? i'm not sure if i'm keeping the dress shirt, being that it is kinda see through and show my man nipples. might try the nordstrom brand to compare. anyways, any suggestions? does the suit need tailoring at all?



              Rufiooo, please keep in mind that these aren't criticisms of you, they're criticisms of the clothes. The color of the suit is off-putting, but that's an aesthetic preference. The army green makes me think of a uniform.

              The jacket: The shoulders look surprisingly good. The jacket body appears to be 1-2" too short. The sleeves are about 1" too long, but that's an easy fix. The side and bottom look odd, but it's probably because the vents are still sewn shut.

              The pants: If you choose to keep this suit then the pants require major tailoring. They're too long by at least 2" if not 3-4". They're also very wide on you, and the lack of a taper makes them look baggy.

              I would return the suit simply because the color is unappealing and the short length makes you look younger and slightly disproportionate.

              The shirt: The collar on that thing is enormous. It looks as though you're wearing a shirt that's too large for you. Try a shorter, tighter collar. I would recommend a semi or full spread since you're so thin.

              You appear to be a tall/thin guy. I had the same build as you through college (I've since filled out a bit) and I know how frustrating it can be to find well-fitting clothes in your size. Menswear companies don't seem to cater to the tall/skinny guys.

              Hook. Hook. Hook. Hook. Rufiooo!


                As a bit of a counterpoint:

                -I think the shoulders maybe look a little too wide? I'm terrible at judging shoulders on suit jackets, but usually it's because I think things fit when others consider them too loose. This time, I'm not sure if it's just me, but it does look like they're a little wide on you!

                -I personally like the length. Again, that's a preferential thing. Some seem to prefer longer, more traditional sport coats/blazers, but for me (and others, judging from the amount of shorter sport coats available), longer ones are a little off-putting in that dad-jeans kind of way. Even the Target Merona sport coats I own strike me as on the long side.

                -I also like the collar! I could see why someone would think it's oversized, but I have kind of a fondness of abnormally tall collars. They're a bit like oversized watches - not for everywhere/everybody, but the height and the steep angle they sit at is rather striking and reminds me of regal, old-world garments. It can look a little wonky from the side, though.

                -Agreed on the pants. They look too long and, though you're not wearing shoes, I'm picturing them over a pair of oxfords and the break seems like what you'd find on a pair of jeans, not suit pants. Also, they're really loose in the thigh - it makes them look far too big for you.

                If I were you, I'd probably return it and try to see how much better fitting their photographer fit would be.

                P.S. I thought the suit was dark gray? It seems like it on my screen, at least. I also don't think Express has an army green suit on sale (or one at all, even).


                  Couple things - Express doesn't make army green. =D The lighting is messing with the charcoal.

                  I disagree that the body is too short. I think it's the perfect length for him. But the sleeves ARE too long, the pants are WAY too big, and that shirt can go too. Bruschetta is right on about a spread collar.

                  You can get the same pant in a smaller waist and length. Just have them mail out a smaller size or two. They'll ship for free and for the same price you paid. I say that because I'm on pair 4 with Express right now. Might even (okay, definitely) want to switch to Photographer fit if they use the same fabric.


                    lol and I swear that pitseleh and I didn't plan this!!


                      Conspiracy! I smell a conspiracy!

                      Disregard my comments on the color if it's charcoal. It looks green on my MacBook Pro's calibrated monitor.

                      Rufiooo, you can see from nicholas' and pitseleh's comments that the jacket length issue that I mentioned is a personal preference. Traditionally, the jacket should cover your bottom. Some people prefer a little rump to peek out.


                        Well there's your problem're looking at it wrong! (F you apple!).

                        Also for $ could spend that extra $100 on something like indochino and get it fit the way you want. It may end up costing the same or less than getting your pants hemmed along with jacket alterations.


                          $160 plus $100 still only gets you part of the way to Indochino. Their suits are $380-$500+. He's got a decent fitting suit that needs minor jacket alterations and an exchange of the pants for a real bargain price. Albeit a wool blend, but we can't have it all.


                            Would you guys say this blazer:

                            could be a classic staple in the spring and summer? Or is it too trendy?


                              Acoustic -- I'd say a little too trendy to be a 'classic staple', but that being said, looks like it could be a pretty fun casual jacket. The lapels are a bit thin and it may run short length-wise, which keep it less traditional / more trendy. That being said, I do like the muted madras.


                                Just don't pair it with the pants :