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    itsm3json, I would try to re-sell the jacket if you can. The fit of that jacket does not flatter you. It would cost more to tailor that jacket than it would to buy a new, better-fitting one.


      Oy, I have the worst time finding clothes that fit...

      I'm going to be spending the next 5 months in Israel, so I bought a jacket and linen/cotton chinos for while I'm there. While one pair of chinos fit pretty well, the same thing in a different color fits completely different (i.e. tighter in waist and thighs). Both of those are in tailored fit, and the ones in traditional fit (again, same size) are too tight. One of these days I'm going to say the hell with it and go MTM or bespoke.

      Or lose weight.

      Anyway, this post is about the jacket. I bought one in 39R and one in 40R, and can't decide which fits better. The 39 fits my shoulders and chest better, but it might be a little tight in the waist. I get a slight 'X' around the button. I'm hoping to take it to the tailor and see if there's fabric to let it out a little.


      Jacket in 39R:[email protected]/sets/72157629999210185/show/

      Jacket in 40R


        @bruschetta - appreciate the honest feedback


          Rogin, neither of those jackets fit you. Both of them are too wide and too long. The jacket should be at least 2" shorter, and the sleeves need to be 2-3" shorter. I can't tell what's going on with the shoulders, but they don't look good. That being said, your slim frame means that you should be able to find very well-fitting suits / sport coats. It may be worth looking at a different brand. On an unrelated note, I like the shirt and pants that you've paired with the jacket.

          itsm3json, sure thing.


            @bruschetta - i ended up finding another

            thrifted blazer. any input on this fit?

            - would this be worth the alterations?

            - waist suppression, sleeve length?


              itsm3json, are you pulling my leg? That blazer looks great on you. I doubt that you could find a blazer that fits better without having it made to measure. You could get away with wearing that without tailoring.


                bruschetta - sweet, no leg pulling here

                - I was driving and caught a goodwill sign so i figured i would stop in and to my surprise I found this. I found one little hole on the sleeve and there seems to some pilling going on. is there any way to remedy that?


                  @bruschetta Thanks for the input. The problem is that I'm not slim. My shoulders and chest are probably a size 38 jacket, but I have a big waist, so jackets rarely fit me. The only thing I've ever found that works is a Ralph Lauren blazer I thrifted about a year ago.

                  Ah well. I'll probably return both jackets.


                    bruschetta is right on both counts here.

                    Rogin, it can be hard to find the right blazer for many people, but don't settle man! Those don't fit. I'd keep looking. When you find the right one, you'll be glad you didn't settle for a poor fit before.

                    itsm3json, this latest blazer fits pretty well. The sleeves need some readjusting, but that will be cheap. It might be a hair wide in the shoulders, but once you get moving around in it, it might not be noticeable. I, personally, would pinch the waist in a bit. Not too much or the vent will flare.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                      I pretty much agree with bruschetta and greg_s with a few tweaks.

                      Jason - the first jacket seemed alright until you showed the second jacket. Then the first one looked awful. That second one is stellar. It looks like the only sleeve to adjust is the left one.

                      Rogin - Both jackets are too big. It happens a lot, but one of the biggest mistakes when suit shopping seems to be this: sizing up just because it's too small/tight in one area. Often with the waist or chest, folks will think that they need a jacket that buttons comfortably, etc. Really, it's the shoulders that need to be perfect first - then you can let a tailor fussy up the waist or chest or sleeves, etc. You're probably a 38R, maybe even a 36R. Try those. And don't let tightness body of the jacket turn you off to it because that can be altered very easily.


                        thx greg & nich for the feedback.

                        greg - I will plan to get the waist taken in a hair

                        I do see that i'm getting a little bit of vent flare

                        nich - i believe my shirt just is too long and it may

                        be causing that image. definitely glad I picked up

                        the 2nd jacket today, almost didn't.

                        (by the way I will be updating my jcrew thread in the next few days lol w/ pics. I received jcrew bedford pants today and still waiting for LE refined chinos to come in)


                          I know this is more for blazers & jackets,

                          but figured ask here instead of creating a

                          whole new thread.

                          I just received jcrew bedford chinos

                          size 32/30 and looking for some input on

                          whether I to go with a 32/32 then alter it?


                            The pant length really boils down to personal preference. Some people go even shorter than that! But if it's too short for you, I would just have the 32x30 lengthened instead of shortening 32x32s. You only need a quarter inch to give you a medium break.


                              @nich lol, your right i have seen shorter breaks than that.

                              I like how it hangs on the front of the shoe but I feel like

                              I could come down a little on the back. I noticed when I was

                              walking around the house the back got caught on the heel of the



                                itsm3json, that break looks perfect to me. You could add a tiny bit to the length, but it looks good as is.