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    Welcome to the forum!

    Briefly - It looks like you have relatively long legs and a shorter torso, so I like the 38R length, provided you get the sleeves shortened like you mentioned. If you had cut the vents open, this probably would drape better, but it looks like you'll need the sides of the jacket let out so that it isn't so tight through the waist. That's causing it to bunch in the back instead of slide over your butt in a more natural drape.

    The shoulders look a little wide, but I don't think you could get away with sizing down to a 36R. It's just the cut of the jacket. The pants are way too tight in the seat, and you could consult with a tailor about whether there's fabric to let out there.

    All in all, I would hesitate to stop suit shopping with this one depending on how picky you want to be. The armholes are high and the sleeves are very slim in a good way. You don't share how many suits you have or what your needs are, but if you're just getting one, I'd swap out for the navy.



      - thank you very much for the warm intro & comments!

      background info:

      - this is my first "slim" suit, I have had another

      suit in the past however it was really big & boxy

      bought at one of those "suit shops".

      - I have been looking for both a charcoal and navy

      suit just to have ready for certain occasions -

      not an everyday affair.

      - the suit that is posted above is a navy plaid that

      i picked up at macy's for $150 found here:

      - do you think after shortening the sleeves that the

      jacket length would be too long?

      - i did try the 36R but if i remember correctly it

      was way too tight.

      - i'm hoping that there is enough fabric to let out.

      the trousers are 34x32, a 36x32 was tried on but i

      found it to be really big, but it did have a much

      better seat area.


        I like the 38R better. The jacket won't be too long after shortening the sleeves. I've heard jacket length should hit at around the second knuckle on your fingers, which it does on that one.

        Also, if your shirt has a lot of extra fabric that you're tucking in, that might affect the seat too.


          Hey guys, I was in Target earlier to see if they had the grey version of the merona blazer in stock, they didn't, but I tried on the khaki one the only qualms I have are that it could be a bit short (but that's nothing major), and the sleeves seem really wide, but I hope they could be narrowed by a tailor...I wanted to see if you guys thought this fit well otherwise:

          Sorry for the bad dressing room pics haha


            Yeah, for a cheap, casual jacket, that's the right size. I took mine to a tailor, and he said not to bother with alterations on it. It probably would have quadrupled the cost of it to get it tailored, and it would still be a cheap, casual jacket. =)


              @nicholas Haha yeah that makes sense probably not worth all that extra work, I think I may end up getting it just for that reason


                I'd personally rather tailor even a cheap jacket so it fits perfectly rather than leave it a little off because it was cheap. Then it looks cheap, too. For example, I paid $14 for each of my INC ultralights. They fit alright OTR. I paid about $30 each for tailoring, but now they fit great. Worth it, IMO.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                  If it were only $30 to alter it, I would do it. But I'm talking close to $100 for waist and sleeves.


                    @NC, ouch. That was for waist and sleeves!

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                      Ugh...I would love to meet your tailor. This was at my last tailor in Milwaukee who was cheaper than my current tailor! I was quoted $70 for the waist, $15 to shorten the sleeves, and I didn't even bother to ask about slimming the sleeves. Now in SF, I'm sure it would cost even more.


                        Wow $70 for the waist is a lot! My tailor varies her charges based on how the garment is made. INC ultralights are like tailoring a shirt so she charges those prices. For a fully lined real blazer, she's like $30-40 for waist and $20ish for sleeves. I wouldn't get anything tailored with those prices. Brutal, NC. If you are ever in Minneapolis pack all your tailoring needs. She is amazing.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                          I should! Ha!


                            received my jcrew thompson blazer today

                            - how is the length?

                            - besides shortening sleeves & taking in the sides

                            do you guys see anything else?


                              Looks pretty good to me in the shoulders and chest. The length is also very good. Checks the box on the "cover the butt" test.

                              A few things I noticed:

                              1. Upper arm looks much better on the right than it does on the left. Right arm looks perfect but the left looks like some pitch issues. Not sure why that is. Wrinkles?

                              2. The mid to lower back could use some work. Not sure if that is because of your erect posture and the fact the jacket hugs your backside a little or what.

                              3. Looks like some slight pulling at the top button but hard to say for sure given the unpressed nature of the jacket and again the fact the jacket is hugging your backside might affect how it drapes.

                              All amateur comments but those would be the areas I would look at. Also best to compare it after a steam or something to take out some of the wrinkles.


                                @aj25 thanks for your time and the comments

                                1. I think the wrinkles may be from just not having it pressed

                                - i will be sure to get that done and keep an eye on it.

                                2. not sure if it hugs because the vent is still sewn shut.

                                or maybe its because i have a big bottom lol.

                                3. i see what your saying. will check it out after its been pressed.

                                what are you thoughts about changing the buttons from brown

                                to a white mother of pearl?

                                i'll update once i get it worked on & pressed